my favorite things

wednesday… i have decided that wednesdays will be my weekly “my favorite things” post. so stop by every wednesday to see what i’m lovin’!

{sequined blazer from anthropologie}
so cute right?! well too bad y’all can’t have it because it’s sold out! omg i’m just kidding, well, not about it being sold out because it is in fact, sold out {i snagged the very last xsmall they had at uvillagebut {here} is a similar one. I can’t wait to wear this for our new years date!

{buffalo quilted vest from jcrew}
i first saw this on my one of my favorite fashion blogger’s instagram {brighton the day} . definitely a must have for living in the pnw. brrr

{“vienna” garter from la gartier}
uhm can you say hello gorgeous?! hiiiiii! i am in love love love with every garter this company produces. vintage/glam with every single piece and i WILL have one or two {toss garter}. ugh, obsessed!

photo 1 (12)
{cowl neck sweater from forever21}
now i’m not one to usually shop in forever21 {their clothes are cheaply made} but i must say… i am lovin this sweater! i recently bought one similar at target {here}but i’m liking this one a bit more, maybe it’s the hat. i linked the actual sweater under the picture but linked my friend’s blog {girl meets brave} in the picture. go check out exactly what she wore with it!

what are some of your favorites??


our weekend adventures

IMG_6317 IMG_6316
got in a little bit of pure barre saturday morning. cheese & rice those barretenders kick my booty!

we went and checked out & ordered my band today! yay!!

we have been waiting soooo long for this movie to come out! and it didn’t disappoint. definitely would suggest {if you haven’t} watching the desolation of smaug before watching this one. it doesn’t give a recap like most sequels.

IMG_6332 IMG_6334
our lusers smelled like dookie so she had a little bath sunday morning. she does okay when it comes to baths. but cmon pixie bobs are supposed to love baths!!! grrr

we were invited over to a friend’s house to watch the seahawks vs rams game… what a crappy first half. seahawks eventually pulled it together during the second half and won 20-6 woop woop!

this has been one long weekend! i took a half-day on wednesday so that made it a 4 1/2 day weekend…whoa. it was awesome! it’s so quiet around here without our minas, she’ll be home next monday though, yay!
back to work tomorrow, yuck! all my fellow accountants know what a stressful time this is for accounts payable and payroll…two words that we all dread…year end. ew.

what did you get into this weekend?


a teeny german getaway

as i’ve mentioned before, cale & i went to leavenworth, wa for christmas. with jaz being in texas, i didn’t want to wake up to an empty tree and an empty house. so we came up with the idea to go on a holiday vacay in this adorable german town!

{click on a picture to view the whole gallery!]

where we stayed:
bavarian lodge -such a cute little hotel. and holy moly what a fantastic continental breakfast! seriously. 4+ stars on this place.

where we ate:
jj hills in the icicle village resort – we thought it would be nice to walk to this restaurant from our hotel…no, we were wrong. so very wrong. it’s cold in leavenworth, y’all! this was a meh restaurant. nothing to write home about.
king ludwigs– this little restaurant is the epitome of germany. they even dressed in the german get-up! although one girl kept sticking her pen in her cleavage which i found incredibly inappropriate. but the brats and spicy sausage were so good!
los camperos– talk about authentic mexican food! it was surprising how many stores were closed on christmas day considering every hotel was booked to capacity. that being said, this poor little restaurant was barely staying afloat. the food was great though and they actually had dos xx lager! do you know how hard that is to get in a restaurant up here?!

all in all it was a great trip! cale & i just got to enjoy ourselves and just be totally entwined with each others company. we don’t get the opportunity to have these romantic getaways very often, actually not at all, so this was well deserved.


my favorite things

{serial podcast}
cale & i cannot stop listening to this podcast! i was told that we needed to listen to it & that we would instantly be addicted [hannah you could not have been more right!]

{mrs.tank top from etsy}
cale got me this sweet tank for christmas and i love it! it is so comfy and great to do barre in! especially in my bride-to-be sticky socks!

{pork n’ pull meat shredder}
don’t laugh y’all! this is another christmas gift from my fiancé and he hit the holy grail of kitchen gadgets!! i mean, who else hates shredding chicken with two forks?! i can’t be the only one.

{family christmas cards}
even though christmas was on thursday, i still love to look at all of our friends/family holiday cards. i keep every card i get, so looking back to last years it’s crazy to see how things have changed [babies, husband/wives, etc] look at all those beautiful faces!

*now that this blog has taken off {thanks y’all for your support} i will start to add more and more content. i have scoured the inter webs and got some ideas from famous bloggers on what topics will bring in the most traffic. “my favorite things” being one of them. i will be doing this every week, along with “our weekend adventures”. so just know that there will be new content if not everyday then at the very least, every week.

happy saturday!


merry christmas!


merry christmas everyone!

cale & i are in leavenworth, wa this christmas enjoying this beautiful sunrise {no snow though hmph}. what an adorable town though!  we’ll share more later but for now, enjoy the time you have with your loved ones!

we’ll be back next week!

one more time…
merry christmas!


our weekend adventures

{early christmas edition}

IMG_6195on saturday jaz had dance as usual but then after we scurried on over to our local ice rink and did a couple rounds as our christmas eve adventure. {jaz left us sunday morning so we had to have christmas early this year} jaz had never been ice skating and this was only my second time. let me tell you…it was hilarious. but after a few momma takedowns and falls on her own she got the hang of it and now wants to go all the time!


we kept with our tradition of making our cookies from scratch and decorating them! if you have a small kiddo i’d suggest starting your traditions now, even if they can’t remember. i have pictures of jaz when she was a 1 year old decorating cookies {see above}. it’s always great to start these as early as possible so when they grow up they can say, “geez i don’t know when we started doing this, i just remember always doing it” you can find our santa sugar cookie diy here.

IMG_2850 IMG_2853 IMG_2862 IMG_2867

on christmas eve we have always let jaz open her christmas eve present. which usually includes some pjs, slippers, some kind of snack, and a movie. this year it was frozenbecause what 6 year old isn’t obsessed? and in {soon to be} anderson fashion, we just had to watch it in a fort {which lulu later ruined}.

IMG_2899 IMG_2901 IMG_2907

sunday was christmas morning!!! we had to wake up super crazy early {notice, it’s still dark outside} in order to get jaz to the airport on time. i love the picture of cale, our coffee maker broke about a year ago and we hadn’t gotten around to getting one and he is a coffee addict! those are true feelings right there.


seatac was so much fun this go-round! a unicyclist, a snowman, a reindeer, and this princess/fairy thing! it definitely lightened everyones mood and made traveling during the holidays a little bit better.


saying good bye to my baby is always hard. this time was much, much harder. this will be the first christmas that i won’t spend at least half the day with her since she was born. as a mommy, my heart hurts and i sometimes get angry that i can’t just have her to myself. but then i remember that i’m not the only one out there that has shared custody and that this was eventually going to happen. it just sucks, y’all. i cried like a big ol’ baby in front of everyone at the airport. luckily for me i have the most caring fiancè who knows exactly what to say to pick my spirits up. we’ll see you in 2 weeks baby girl.


thankfully, we had a neighborhood christmas soiree to attend a few hours after dropping jaz off that kept me distracted from coming up with every horrible scenario that could happen with jaz flying by herself. for those that don’t know me, i am terrified of flying. like so scared i have to take prescribed medication before i step foot on a plane. which is actually kind of funny because i have to fly so much in 2015 for the wedding…
anyway, i got to make this diabeetus spinach & artichoke dip, yeah calories! you can find the recipe here.

well, that was a long one. sorry guys, it was a christmas weekend so it was full of fun fun fun!

what did you do this weekend?


diy santa cookies

before we get started, let me just say that i am not a chef nor a cake decorator, but hey, i still found these super duper cute and really fun to make with the family on our “christmas eve”. as i’ve said in previous posts, don’t judge or say mean things or i will send those internet trolls after you.

okay we go.

what you’ll need 


sugar cookies:
3 cups all purpose flour
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of unsalted butter
3/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1 egg
1 tbsp of milk
powdered sugar
star cookie cutout


16 oz container of white frosting/icing
mini marshmallows
crushed red sprinkles
red hots candy
black gel icing

{i’m not going to list the steps by “step one/two” just go with the flow.}


sift the flour, baking powder, and salt together in small bowl. {closely monitor measuring by minions and be weary of photo bombers}

in a larger bowl mix the [softened] butter and sugar. stir them together with a standing cake mixer until they make a nice yellowish color.


then slowly add the flour/salt/baking powder mix and keep stirring until it is completely mixed and starts to pull away from the sides like shown in above picture.

split the cookie dough mixture in  half and refrigerate for an hour or two.


next was jaz’s favorite part, cutting out the stars! we sprinkled our surface with some powdered sugar to keep it from sticking and rolled out our {cool} cookie dough to about a 1/4 inch thick. then cut away! make sure to bend the tip of one corner of the star {this will be used as santa’s hat}

let those suckers bake for about 7-9 minutes depending on your oven {mine only took 7}. take them out as soon as the edges start to brown and let them cool for about 2 minutes on the cookie sheet they were baking on.

it’s decorating time!

{here is where i insert my apology for un-cake-decorator-like work/effort} i’m sure yours will be gorgeous!


you need to cover the entire cookie except a tiny circle in the middle with white frosting. {this will be his face}


then sprinkle on the crushed red sprinkles just on the hat portion {again, sorry for the mess}


next add a little frosting to the side of the smarshmallow {what jaz calls them} and stick it to the tip top of santa’s hat.

then use the black gel frosting to make his eyes and add a red hot as his nose.


last but not least… eat some cookies! om nom nom nom!!!

woohoo! now you have a santa sugar cookie!! it’s so yummy, so cute and super easy to do with the fam.

you can find the original link to the pinterest post that i got the decorations from {not the cookie recipe} here

{here are jazmina’s and cale’s, hehehe}


we hope you enjoyed our tutorial! it was a lot of fun to make!

have a merry christmas everyone!