our weekend adventures

well this weekend went by in a blink of an eye! seems like all of these weekends leading up to christmas are going by way too quickly. it makes me sad because that means we are one week closer to jaz leaving us to visit her father in texas (insert kim k. crying face here)


who wouldn’t stop to take a picture with these giant flowers?! hobby lobby always has the best things.


jaz and i worked on a little diy pinterest project for her teacher. you can find our tutorial here.


cale’s car got into a little fender bender a couple weeks ago and  it’s just now getting fixed. he was given a mini cooper as his rental and i was sooo excited to drive it! well, it was not fun in the least bit. never get a mini cooper, i repeat, never get a mini cooper! oh but it does have changing ambient lighting, that was fun!


we braved the drive up to stanwood for the annual “light of christmas”. it wasn’t freezing but it definitely was chilly. but lots of fun and lots of lights! i would most certainly recommend this place if you have kiddos. it would also make a great date night!


you will soon realize that every festival/carnival we go to jaz will always find the face painting station. always.


sunday night we had the privilege to watch teeny tiny dancers strut their stuff! the baby classes kill me, they are so so adorable!


our babygirl did such an awesome job! uhm, can we stop growing please! sheesh.


after banging her loose tooth on the banister sunday morning (don’t ask because i honestly don’t know) someones second tooth just plopped right out before sunday dinner. woohoo the tooth fairy has some work to do tonight!

what did you do this weekend??


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