our weekend adventures

{early christmas edition}

IMG_6195on saturday jaz had dance as usual but then after we scurried on over to our local ice rink and did a couple rounds as our christmas eve adventure. {jaz left us sunday morning so we had to have christmas early this year} jaz had never been ice skating and this was only my second time. let me tell you…it was hilarious. but after a few momma takedowns and falls on her own she got the hang of it and now wants to go all the time!


we kept with our tradition of making our cookies from scratch and decorating them! if you have a small kiddo i’d suggest starting your traditions now, even if they can’t remember. i have pictures of jaz when she was a 1 year old decorating cookies {see above}. it’s always great to start these as early as possible so when they grow up they can say, “geez i don’t know when we started doing this, i just remember always doing it” you can find our santa sugar cookie diy here.

IMG_2850 IMG_2853 IMG_2862 IMG_2867

on christmas eve we have always let jaz open her christmas eve present. which usually includes some pjs, slippers, some kind of snack, and a movie. this year it was frozenbecause what 6 year old isn’t obsessed? and in {soon to be} anderson fashion, we just had to watch it in a fort {which lulu later ruined}.

IMG_2899 IMG_2901 IMG_2907

sunday was christmas morning!!! we had to wake up super crazy early {notice, it’s still dark outside} in order to get jaz to the airport on time. i love the picture of cale, our coffee maker broke about a year ago and we hadn’t gotten around to getting one and he is a coffee addict! those are true feelings right there.


seatac was so much fun this go-round! a unicyclist, a snowman, a reindeer, and this princess/fairy thing! it definitely lightened everyones mood and made traveling during the holidays a little bit better.


saying good bye to my baby is always hard. this time was much, much harder. this will be the first christmas that i won’t spend at least half the day with her since she was born. as a mommy, my heart hurts and i sometimes get angry that i can’t just have her to myself. but then i remember that i’m not the only one out there that has shared custody and that this was eventually going to happen. it just sucks, y’all. i cried like a big ol’ baby in front of everyone at the airport. luckily for me i have the most caring fiancè who knows exactly what to say to pick my spirits up. we’ll see you in 2 weeks baby girl.


thankfully, we had a neighborhood christmas soiree to attend a few hours after dropping jaz off that kept me distracted from coming up with every horrible scenario that could happen with jaz flying by herself. for those that don’t know me, i am terrified of flying. like so scared i have to take prescribed medication before i step foot on a plane. which is actually kind of funny because i have to fly so much in 2015 for the wedding…
anyway, i got to make this diabeetus spinach & artichoke dip, yeah calories! you can find the recipe here.

well, that was a long one. sorry guys, it was a christmas weekend so it was full of fun fun fun!

what did you do this weekend?


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