my favorite things

{serial podcast}
cale & i cannot stop listening to this podcast! i was told that we needed to listen to it & that we would instantly be addicted [hannah you could not have been more right!]

{mrs.tank top from etsy}
cale got me this sweet tank for christmas and i love it! it is so comfy and great to do barre in! especially in my bride-to-be sticky socks!

{pork n’ pull meat shredder}
don’t laugh y’all! this is another christmas gift from my fiancé and he hit the holy grail of kitchen gadgets!! i mean, who else hates shredding chicken with two forks?! i can’t be the only one.

{family christmas cards}
even though christmas was on thursday, i still love to look at all of our friends/family holiday cards. i keep every card i get, so looking back to last years it’s crazy to see how things have changed [babies, husband/wives, etc] look at all those beautiful faces!

*now that this blog has taken off {thanks y’all for your support} i will start to add more and more content. i have scoured the inter webs and got some ideas from famous bloggers on what topics will bring in the most traffic. “my favorite things” being one of them. i will be doing this every week, along with “our weekend adventures”. so just know that there will be new content if not everyday then at the very least, every week.

happy saturday!


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