a teeny german getaway

as i’ve mentioned before, cale & i went to leavenworth, wa for christmas. with jaz being in texas, i didn’t want to wake up to an empty tree and an empty house. so we came up with the idea to go on a holiday vacay in this adorable german town!

{click on a picture to view the whole gallery!]

where we stayed:
bavarian lodge -such a cute little hotel. and holy moly what a fantastic continental breakfast! seriously. 4+ stars on this place.

where we ate:
jj hills in the icicle village resort – we thought it would be nice to walk to this restaurant from our hotel…no, we were wrong. so very wrong. it’s cold in leavenworth, y’all! this was a meh restaurant. nothing to write home about.
king ludwigs– this little restaurant is the epitome of germany. they even dressed in the german get-up! although one girl kept sticking her pen in her cleavage which i found incredibly inappropriate. but the brats and spicy sausage were so good!
los camperos– talk about authentic mexican food! it was surprising how many stores were closed on christmas day considering every hotel was booked to capacity. that being said, this poor little restaurant was barely staying afloat. the food was great though and they actually had dos xx lager! do you know how hard that is to get in a restaurant up here?!

all in all it was a great trip! cale & i just got to enjoy ourselves and just be totally entwined with each others company. we don’t get the opportunity to have these romantic getaways very often, actually not at all, so this was well deserved.


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