our weekend adventures

IMG_6317 IMG_6316
got in a little bit of pure barre saturday morning. cheese & rice those barretenders kick my booty!

we went and checked out & ordered my band today! yay!!

we have been waiting soooo long for this movie to come out! and it didn’t disappoint. definitely would suggest {if you haven’t} watching the desolation of smaug before watching this one. it doesn’t give a recap like most sequels.

IMG_6332 IMG_6334
our lusers smelled like dookie so she had a little bath sunday morning. she does okay when it comes to baths. but cmon pixie bobs are supposed to love baths!!! grrr

we were invited over to a friend’s house to watch the seahawks vs rams game… what a crappy first half. seahawks eventually pulled it together during the second half and won 20-6 woop woop!

this has been one long weekend! i took a half-day on wednesday so that made it a 4 1/2 day weekend…whoa. it was awesome! it’s so quiet around here without our minas, she’ll be home next monday though, yay!
back to work tomorrow, yuck! all my fellow accountants know what a stressful time this is for accounts payable and payroll…two words that we all dread…year end. ew.

what did you get into this weekend?


3 thoughts on “our weekend adventures

    1. Thanks! Lulu knows she’s cute stuff too haha so sassy! and oh man…tips? like i said Pixie Bobs are supposed to love water. most, if not all, other cats DESPISE water so i’m not too sure 😦 what we do is make sure the water is warm and only fill the tub so it reaches her belly. then we make sure that everyone in the house is quiet because any sudden sound will scare the bejeezus out of her haha. yikes that’s not much help but let me know how it goes!
      thanks for stopping by!

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      1. That is help I wouldn’t have thought about keeping everything quite. Filling the tub before hand is great advice too! Thank you! Ours was a stray so I’m not sure what kind of a cat she is… I guess well find out come bath time haha! Thank you again 🙂

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