chicken pot pie

so jaz and i were at costco last weekend and we get so excited to try all the samples that they have out! one of them was a chicken pot pie sample, jaz had never had it before and she loved it!! mommy win!! so we headed over to where the lady pointed us to, and found a pot pie that could a feed an army. seriously this thing was huge!! so i told jaz that i would just make one, and i am so glad i did!

here we go!

what you’ll need:
1 lb of boneless skinless chicken breast
1 cup diced carrots
1 cup frozen peas
1/2 cup celery
2/3 cup of butter
2/3 cup chopped onion
2/3 cup all purpose flour
1/4 tsp pepper {salt to taste}
2/4  tsp celery seed
3-4 cups chicken broth
1 1/3 cup milk
2 refrigerated 9″ unbaked pie crusts




{first} preheat your oven to 365º. cube your chicken and add it to a sauce pan along with the carrots, celery and peas add chicken broth to cover. cook for 15 minutes, drain, then set aside.


{second} cook the chopped onions and butter in a separate sauce pan until translucent. then, slowly add in the flour, 2 cups chicken broth, celery seed, salt & pepper, and milk. keep stirring until it is a thick consistency.


{third} take one of the pie crusts and lay it in an un-greased 9″ pie dish.


{fourth} add the chicken/pea/carrot/celery mixture to the bottom of the dish. then add the sauce mixture to the top of that.


{fifth} cover the goodies with the second pie crust, add some slits for some ventilation, and then pinch the sides to make it pretty! bake it for 40-45 minutes, depending on how hot your oven runs, or until the top crust is golden brown!


mhmmmmmm, you just made a chicken pot pie! yay for not eating one of those processed ones that comes in box!


and last but not least! cut out a piece…do a better job than i did when scooping it out {it’s not as easy as it may sound} and enjoy!

-chef jess

polka dots & pearls.

hi y’all! i know i usually post my favorites on wednesdays but nothing this past week has really been a favorite…lame. plus, i just couldn’t wait to share this outfit with you guys!

you will soon notice that i am the girliest of girly girls. i am obsessed with pink, lace & pearls. i am also a working mom so anything i buy, i make sure i can wear it both casually and professionally.
here is one of my favorites. i am a sucker for polka dots… it’s my favorite pattern ever!!!

polka dot 6

polka dot 5 polka dot 4 polka dot 8
always have to have the super serious face…

polka dot 7 polka dot 2 polka dot 3

old navy turtle neck // {here}
banana republic polka dot skirt // similar {here}
target wool coat // {here}
mojo moxy pumps // similar {here}
jcrew pearl cluster necklace // similar {here}

diy valentine’s day bunting

can you believe it’s almost valentine’s day already?! wasn’t it just christmas?!
this is jaz & i’s favorite time of year because we get to make valentines for her classmates and i get to make chocolate covered strawberries! it wasn’t until thanksgiving that we put a banner above jazmyne’s bed, so we decided to keep going with it for every holiday!

valentine’s day is up first!

you can find the pinterest pin that i got my inspiration from {here}


what you’ll need:
3 12″ x 12″ cardstock floral/book pages/whatever background you want
2 12″ x 12″ cardstock solid colors {what the hearts will be}
glue {after finishing, i’d recommend using a glue stick}
{not pictured: stapler}


{first} trace out the rectangles about 4″ wide and 7″ long. then you need to trace out the little triangle at the bottom. i made the triangle sides about 2 1/2″ up towards the middle of the rectangle. Next you’ll trace out the hearts. i free-handed ours but you can download a stencil on google.
*if you let your little do the tracing…grab a snack and turn on a movie…it will take foreverrrrrrr. 

{trace trace trace}

{second} cut all those suckers out!
*note: unless your child is a scissor master, you might want to do this part or you’ll end up with triangles instead of hearts… 

{third} glue your hearts to the banner pieces. after some trial & error, i’d highly recommend using a glue stick instead of elmers liquid glue. only because the wetness makes the paper bend when it dries… not cute.

{fourth} i didn’t get a picture of this because i have teeny hands and i cant hold a dslr camera in one hand…so now you need to attach these to your twine. just fold the top of the banner pieces  over the twine and staple! seriously that easy! to make sure the pieces stayed, i just super creased the paper where it’s folded on the twine. you can try to staple it directly on the twine…kudos to you if you’re successful!


and finally you can hang it up! jaz’s room is already a princess room so this just adds that polishing touch!

super easy diy this time and you can do this with any holiday!
we hope you enjoyed another one of our little projects!


engagement feature!!!!

so if you are one of my friends on facebook then i am sorry for blowing y’all up with this but it’s time to share it with my blog family!!!

cale & i got engaged on mother’s day of 2014, so may 11, 2014. he popped the question on the waterfront ferris wheel in downtown seattle where he had taken me on our very first date. {i flew up from texas to see him a couple months after we met on a river in texas while he was at a bachelor party…crazy huh?} so on mother’s day, him, jaz and myself went to brunch and it ended up being a gorgeous day so we took jaz to the ferris wheel, since she had never been. and when we got to the very tippy top he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! the first thing that came out of my mouth was “are you really doing this…” haha



fast foward to july. one of my bestfriends/bridesmaid is a professional photographer. so she offered to do our engagements for freeeeee! {holla} but… she lives in texas. so cale & i searched and searched for a photographer that we loved and all of them were like $500+…nope. so we decided well, it’ll be cheaper to just fly misty out here than it would be to hire a photographer. so thats what we did! and boy-o-boy her work, the weather, the location and our outfits came together in the most pinterest photo shoot ever!!!

and guess what…

seattle bride magazine thought so too because…OUR SHOOT WAS FEATURED!
you can check out the entire feature {here} and i quote, “This bride-to-be’s playful wardrobe could not be anymore fitting for a romantic jaunt on the pier. With the cotton candy skies and a couple so obviously smitten with one another, Misty Sims Photography has captured nothing short of summer engagement perfection.”
smiles, smiles every where!

if you don’t feel like going to the website, here are a couple of my favorites!

10390047_10203576311919824_7940187937050215917_n 10346517_10203576304959650_5856199206114496055_n 1610778_10203576309999776_2902477396487972273_n 1544363_10203576303479613_3108625568887316971_n 68917_10203576310519789_3860399882826196475_n IMG_4023 10599680_10203576303439612_506595590399395358_n 10599304_10203576312239832_5215033404178168622_n 10583853_10203576302239582_5055564768647663330_n 10540413_10203576309959775_2133445740549665266_n 10532562_10203576311839822_6692764353940487860_n 10527604_10203576304159630_7342308610650663108_n 10404086_10203576302519589_6116344416449622198_n

oh… whoops, did i say a few? because i really meant ALL OF THEM! because they are all my favorites! i had another outfit too and those came out equally amazing!

i give all the credit to misty and her beautiful, awesome, creative photgraphy skills! we could not have asked for a better photographer/bridesmaid! misty sims photography, y’all. email her, call her, do what you gotta do but book her! she travels too!!

well that’s it for the mushy gushyness. {& sorry for the huge pictures, but i had to give ya’ll the full effect!}

always {an ecstatic bride-to-be}

our weekend adventures


i had my 6 am barre class and this is the miraculous transformation. thank goodness for make-up and dry shampoo!
IMG_6693 IMG_6697
friday night we stayed in and ordered pizza while we watched {i forced} dirty dancing. i also creeped on these two because i love their relationship even if cale never lets her win an iPad game.


after jaz’s dance class, we went to the mall to find her some pants {she’s growing like a damn weed!} she has such a tiny waist and long, lanky legs so it’s damn near impossible to find her ones that fit.
jaz & i worked on a little diy this weekend that i’ll post tomorrow. ooh valentine’s day is near!
IMG_6719 IMG_6720
after doing my taxes i needed a pick me up so cale & i shared some ben and jerry’s . 


IMG_6734 IMG_6735
sunday morning we went and had dimsum!!! oh my goodness so delicious! oh oh…i finally know how to use chop sticks now…win!
so our cat, lulu, has been an absolute terror these past few weeks. we know that she is probably just bored since we are gone most of the day. so when we get home and go to bed, she would just run around like a kitty on crack!! so we knew we had to get her a little brother. we couldn’t get her a sister because girls are bitches {cats and humans} and lulu is a dominant breed so it had to be a boy. well, without further ado…

everyone, meet mr. chandler.

after we adopted chandler i had to book it to my sunday evening barre class.
{note: do not rush when you are trying to leave for a barre class… you will put on your regular socks instead of your sticky socks and you will hate life.} 

well, obviously us adopting chandler was the highlight of our weekend {dimsum takes a very close second}. all in all, it was a pretty awesome weekend! oh and warm…it hit 66 degrees on sunday…WHAT?!

what did y’all do??



jumpsuits can be so scary…

alright ladies, who else has been terrified to try and pull off a jumpsuit?! i have always been so scared because of my insecurities with my body. but as soon as i laid eyes on this, i was in love. the pattern is so playful and the elastic waist band would be flattering for every body type! i’m a heels girl so i wore it with my favorite black pumps but you could wear this with a black flat…orrrr maybe a color pump/flat?? yeah! add some color!

fashion fact: a jumpsuit is a one-piece garment that is typically longer {pants, capris}. a romper is a similar garment usually short on the bottom {shorts}.


Untitled 5

outfit 1-1
so serious….

Untitled 3
yes, a jumpsuit will make you have a “mom butt” but hey, as long as you rock that mom butt, who cares?! sorry for the fold!

Untitled 2 Untitled 8 Untitled 4

target jumpsuit // {here}
nine west pumps // similar {here}
bernardo jacket // similar {here}
francesca’s statement necklace // similar {here}
michael kors watch // {here}

i hope this gives you that push you needed to step out of your comfort zone!!

here are a few bloopers from this shoot…enjoy!
Untitled 7

Untitled 6
there was a huge m-effing spider, y’all!!!


creamy chicken tortilla soup

it’s friday and that means it’s food friday with chef jess!
so welcome back & i hope you enjoy this one!

a little back story on this recipe: i actually learned this recipe from jazmyne’s father’s mom. i lived with them while i was pregnant with jazmina and up until she was 1. so i give all the credit to mrs. annie. thank you for sharing such a great soup!

okay, on to the nom noms!
oh, wait let me just say that this is not a health conscious soup…but it’s definitely a hearty one!


what you’ll need:
2 skinless boneless chicken breast
1 can ranch style beans
1 can chicken broth {i use low sodium}
1 can cream of chicken
1-2 cans of rotel {depending on how spicy you want it}
corn tortillas
mexican blend cheese {i use low fat}
avocados {optional}

{first} start boiling or baking your chicken breasts. this usually takes the most time for this recipe so i like to start it before anything else.

IMG_3018 {second} in a large pot mix together the undrained ranch style beans, chicken broth, cream of chicken, & rotel. bring to a boil then let this simmer on medium/high until the chicken is done boiling/baking.


{third} i forgot to take a picture of my shredded chicken so here’s a picture from one of my last recipes {gasp…cheater}. say hi to lulu. while the soup is simmering you’ll need to shred your chicken once it is done cooking. it’ll cook a bit more when you throw it in the soup so it doesn’t have to be fully cooked. add the shredded chicken to the soup!!


{fourth} once you’ve added the chicken in, it’s time to finish this bad boy up! you’ll then want to cut up some corn tortillas {or rip them depending on how much effort you want to put in it} add some cheese on top and let it simmer for 10-15 minutes on low/medium.


spoon some big ‘ol heaps into a bowl, add some more cheese & avocados if you want! and enjoy some hot soup on a chilly night!

sorry i’ve been on a soup kick lately, but with this cold weather, i feel it’s only necessary!
i hope you enjoyed this food friday!
have a great weekend!

-chef jess