hi there 2015, let’s do this!

happy new year!!
2015 is going to be great… it’s our wedding year!!


let me preface this post with… this will be the first year i have new years goals/resolutions since high school. whoa, what have i been doing with my life?

so i’m only going to do five because i’m not an over achiever. plain and simple.

1] complete 2 pure barre challenges. the first one starts on january 10th…50 classes in 60 days. holy guacamole…. bring it on! the next one i’ll do closer to the wedding since i am eligible for the bridal package {3 months unlimited for a discounted price} woohoo! i also plan on posting some before and after photos to prove barre is the bomb diggity!

2] read at least 5 books. “ugh what a poopy number, jess” you know what i have to say about that?! suck a toe. i’m trying to set attainable goals, plus i’m planning my wedding this year, let’s look at the bigger picture here, people. i have a couple in mind that i want to start. i’ll let y’all know what i think once i finish each of them.


3] cale & i are food snobs. well more like restaurant snobs. if we’ve never been there, we probably won’t go. we have our favorite restaurants and those are the only places we will go. that being said this goal is to try at least one new place a month. we usually have a family night out every week so this is absolutely doable.

4] for every other day of the week i want to try cooking new recipes. we have our favorites, but it’s time to change it up a bit. this one is risky though…i have a picky 6 year old that is sure she hates it before she even tries it. luckily, cale will eat anything i make even if it’s crap. i’ll let you know how this one goes!

5] i will not become a bridezilla. no no no. yes, i am ocd and a little bit of a control freak but i will not become mean. i promise! at least that’s my goal haha. i can think of a few reasons that might make me become super bitch but i’ll just keep those to myself in hopes that i don’t jinx anything.

alright, that about sums 2015 up for me!

what are your new years resolutions??
have any suggestions on good books/cook books?? leave a comment and tell me please!!


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