our weekend adventures


i made this bomb Chicken & Green Chile soup, which was perfect for the freezing night we were having. you can find my recipe {here}
IMG_6417 IMG_2978
after din din we indulged ourselves with this delicious chocolate fudge cake thing from whole foods {seriously the best thing to happen to your mouth} while watching {binge watching} breaking bad. 


IMG_6424 IMG_6423
trying to keep to my new years resolutions {here} we tried a new restaurant downtown. tat’s deli, holy cheesesteak! so yummy. if you’re ever around union square in seattle stop in here for some great sandwiches.
IMG_2987 IMG_2990
we worked on assembling our save the dates!!!! ahhhh it’s getting so real y’all! once we send them out i’ll be sure to share our design and who we ordered from.
this view is my favorite part of driving to downtown seattle at night. look at that skyline, gorgeous!
we were invited to our sweet friend’s 30th birthday party where we got to catch up with everyone.


welp, this about sums up our sunday. what does 3 mojitos the night before equal? a sick jess jess {pukey face here} so instead of doing laundry and cleaning the house what did we do? binge watched breaking bad {again}, ate some pizza, and laid on the couch with the eventual potty break. tis a great life y’all.

what did you do this weekend?

oh, one more thing…
our baby comes home tonight!!!


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