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welcome back!

Living Proof - No Frizz Smoothing & Frizz Fighting Travel Kit {living proof shampoo & conditioner}
my hair stylist recommended this brand to me and i love! i have very thick, frizzy, curly hair and this tames the hell out of it! it doesn’t smell the best but hey, it works hella well! i get mine from either sephora or ulta. just depends on where i am when i remember i’m running out. the one i linked to is sephora.

{run: swiftly tech long sleeve – lululemon}
i have this in 2 colors and it’s pretty much all i wear when i feel lazy or when i’m cold going to barre. best thing about lulu is that the quality of all their products is fantastic. seriously, cale has a few {a lot} of lululemon stuff that he has had for years and it still looks brand new! i’m embarrassed to actually admit how much of this i own but hey, ya gotta look cute working out!

{master class by oprah winfrey – maya angelou}
i first watched this while we were leavenworth. i had stopped on the own channel by chance and once this woman started speaking i couldn’t bring myself to change the channel. she is inspirational in every way, shape and form. and funny…she’s really very funny! if you have an hour that you can spare, i highly recommend watching this.

since i’m going to be doing these weekly, i thought i’d shorten them down to 3 favorites per week. that okay with y’all?
what are some of your favorites?


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