our weekend adventures

wow. this week/weekend went by in a flash! it’s been so hectic at work lately that the weeks are just escaping me!
our baby girl came back from texas on monday, so you can expect her to pop up in some posts again. woohoo!


we are such party animals, let me tell ya! hehe we are a-okay with ending a crazy week reading a couple good books. i’m reading yes, please by amy poehler and cale is reading some viking/historical book.


save the dates went out! addressed, stamped & on their way! keep an eye out y’all!
i went bridesmaid dress shopping…without my bridesmaids lol. 5 of them are in texas and 1 lives in california, so this is pretty much how it had to happen. kind of a bummer doing this without my girls. any who, i think we decided on one, yayyyy.
IMG_6528 IMG_6505
saturday night we got to babysit this munchkin! oh man my ovaries… they hurt! gimme another one right now! lol just kidding, i have a wedding in 9 months! but bring it on honeymoon! awwww yeah!


sunday morning we finally took down all of our christmas decorations. i usually don’t keep them up this long, but because jaz was gone we had to wait until she got back to put anything away. between jaz & lulu, i’m going to say lulu takes the cake on being the most helpful…
sunday afternoon i took my first class of my 50 classes in 60 days pure barre challenge! {with the owner, so she kicked my ass} i will be posting a totally separate post dedicated to this but here’s to getting my tooshie kicked!

what did you do this weekend?


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