wedding countdown:

9 months!!!

we are down another month y’all! and i cannot contain my excitement!!!! as you’ve seen on some of our weekend adventures we sent out save the dates and i promised to share our design.
don’t forget to check out our actual wedding website for all wedding details and the faq page
so here goes!

ta daaaaaaa with the at last save the date magnet design

so we wanted something simple yet elegant. we also knew that we wanted to go the magnet route. i mean how convenient is it to get a  save the date and just slap it on your fridge. if your fridge is anything like mine then it is full of child drawings, so finding a free magnet is tough let alone finding a space. so magnet it was! now, one thing to know about me is i am ocd. i nit pick every single thing until it is perfect and that’s exactly what i did with these. ask my bridesmaids how many different designs i sent them…i’ll wait.               yep, a bunch. it’s really hard to find a design you like and then find the perfect picture! but i am so happy we chose this one because it turned out great!! yippee save that date people and don’t forget it!! on a side note: minted is a very easy site to navigate and find exactly what you want. it’s a little bit more expensive than some other printing sites but their quality is awesome!

to assemble these we just printed {gaspppppp she did what?! did y’all know it’s a wedding faux pas to print the addresses on the envelopes…people actually expect you to hire calligrapher for a piece of paper that people throw away? lol…no} the guest addresses on the envelopes with our handy dandy home printer. they actually came out really nice because again…i stayed up into the wee hours of the night finding the perfect font.

Jessica Vasquez

then we stamped the back flap with our custom etsy stamp. how cute is this?! i love love love it! you can custom make yours in this same design {here}!!  {there’s obviously more to our address but just in case of…you know…psychos}

this month we:

  • assembled and sent out save the dates
  • chose my wedding band
  • chose & ordered all of our linens, so fancy y’all!!
  • picked our last song of the night, i get so excited when i hear it on the radio!
  • chose our ceremony music. we hired a string trio to play during the ceremony. eep
  • pouted a little because my dress is still not ready. i ordered it in september, y’all.

i think february is going to be a quiet month as far as wedding things so don’t expect much next month!

we are getting closer & closer!! eeeeeeeeep!

oh today’s an important day for seattleites…it’s football sunday, so…..
G O  H A W K S


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