our weekend adventures


to cales surprise, when he suggested we have breakfast for dinner, i said yes! mmmm i went to town!


saturday started off a pretty crazy day, cale didn’t go to work {which is rare} so he was able to take jaz to dance class while i went to barre. i forgot to take a picture, whoopsie!

IMG_6584 IMG_6587
i got a little mommy “me-time” and was able to get a fresh mani. however, as much as i love my shellac manicures, i hate the foil wrappers. yuckyyyy!
i went bridesmaid dress shopping again… all the way in tukwila! it’s like a 45 minute – an hour drive…but it was worth it because we found the one!! yay… any who there was a panera right next door so i stopped in and got my favorite!
we didn’t do much saturday night…i did have my first cocktail in like 2 weeks so there’s that! we just felt like bums so i got ahead on some blog posts and watched some more breaking bad, we are almost done! my heart is beating because we are watching it right now and holy cow… poor gomez.


sunday marked exactly 9 months until our big day! i post monthly updates about what we did, who we booked and where we are in planning our wedding. you can find the 9 month update {here}
IMG_6612 IMG_6613
we tried a new breakfast/brunch place in seattle. voula’s offshore cafe, super yummy but just your typical greasy spoon cafe.
IMG_6616 IMG_6626
lulu went to the kitty spa {she doesn’t like car rides and she made sure to tell me all about it} and got her nails done too! now her and momma’s match! hehehe
i got some more blogging done while watching the nfc championship….WHAT A GAME! WHAT A COMEBACK!!!! yeah seahawks!!!!! seattle is going crazy!!
IMG_6621 IMG_6622
i had to leave my house before the game was over and before it had gone into overtime so i got to watch them win with the owner of the pure barre studio i frequent. can you tell how i excited i am while i’m tucking my ass off in hawks colors!?? {ps. i’m on my 7th class out of 50 and i’m dying.}

g o  h a w k

how was your weekend??


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