engagement feature!!!!

so if you are one of my friends on facebook then i am sorry for blowing y’all up with this but it’s time to share it with my blog family!!!

cale & i got engaged on mother’s day of 2014, so may 11, 2014. he popped the question on the waterfront ferris wheel in downtown seattle where he had taken me on our very first date. {i flew up from texas to see him a couple months after we met on a river in texas while he was at a bachelor party…crazy huh?} so on mother’s day, him, jaz and myself went to brunch and it ended up being a gorgeous day so we took jaz to the ferris wheel, since she had never been. and when we got to the very tippy top he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! the first thing that came out of my mouth was “are you really doing this…” haha



fast foward to july. one of my bestfriends/bridesmaid is a professional photographer. so she offered to do our engagements for freeeeee! {holla} but… she lives in texas. so cale & i searched and searched for a photographer that we loved and all of them were like $500+…nope. so we decided well, it’ll be cheaper to just fly misty out here than it would be to hire a photographer. so thats what we did! and boy-o-boy her work, the weather, the location and our outfits came together in the most pinterest photo shoot ever!!!

and guess what…

seattle bride magazine thought so too because…OUR SHOOT WAS FEATURED!
you can check out the entire feature {here} and i quote, “This bride-to-be’s playful wardrobe could not be anymore fitting for a romantic jaunt on the pier. With the cotton candy skies and a couple so obviously smitten with one another, Misty Sims Photography has captured nothing short of summer engagement perfection.”
smiles, smiles every where!

if you don’t feel like going to the website, here are a couple of my favorites!

10390047_10203576311919824_7940187937050215917_n 10346517_10203576304959650_5856199206114496055_n 1610778_10203576309999776_2902477396487972273_n 1544363_10203576303479613_3108625568887316971_n 68917_10203576310519789_3860399882826196475_n IMG_4023 10599680_10203576303439612_506595590399395358_n 10599304_10203576312239832_5215033404178168622_n 10583853_10203576302239582_5055564768647663330_n 10540413_10203576309959775_2133445740549665266_n 10532562_10203576311839822_6692764353940487860_n 10527604_10203576304159630_7342308610650663108_n 10404086_10203576302519589_6116344416449622198_n

oh… whoops, did i say a few? because i really meant ALL OF THEM! because they are all my favorites! i had another outfit too and those came out equally amazing!

i give all the credit to misty and her beautiful, awesome, creative photgraphy skills! we could not have asked for a better photographer/bridesmaid! misty sims photography, y’all. email her, call her, do what you gotta do but book her! she travels too!!

well that’s it for the mushy gushyness. {& sorry for the huge pictures, but i had to give ya’ll the full effect!}

always {an ecstatic bride-to-be}

18 thoughts on “engagement feature!!!!

  1. I had to look at this again, I loved the post, your outfit, your smile and how happy you’ve obviously made Cale! And wait, I re-read, your a Texan (too)?? LOL Not that I personally would go back, but explains your cute/quirky/fun personality!!

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    1. aw thank you! and yes! texas girl all the way! Austin area, Wimberley specifically. i actually don’t think that i would go back if i were given the choice. Seattle is just too gorgeous!

      Liked by 1 person

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