our weekend adventures


i had my 6 am barre class and this is the miraculous transformation. thank goodness for make-up and dry shampoo!
IMG_6693 IMG_6697
friday night we stayed in and ordered pizza while we watched {i forced} dirty dancing. i also creeped on these two because i love their relationship even if cale never lets her win an iPad game.


after jaz’s dance class, we went to the mall to find her some pants {she’s growing like a damn weed!} she has such a tiny waist and long, lanky legs so it’s damn near impossible to find her ones that fit.
jaz & i worked on a little diy this weekend that i’ll post tomorrow. ooh valentine’s day is near!
IMG_6719 IMG_6720
after doing my taxes i needed a pick me up so cale & i shared some ben and jerry’s . 


IMG_6734 IMG_6735
sunday morning we went and had dimsum!!! oh my goodness so delicious! oh oh…i finally know how to use chop sticks now…win!
so our cat, lulu, has been an absolute terror these past few weeks. we know that she is probably just bored since we are gone most of the day. so when we get home and go to bed, she would just run around like a kitty on crack!! so we knew we had to get her a little brother. we couldn’t get her a sister because girls are bitches {cats and humans} and lulu is a dominant breed so it had to be a boy. well, without further ado…

everyone, meet mr. chandler.

after we adopted chandler i had to book it to my sunday evening barre class.
{note: do not rush when you are trying to leave for a barre class… you will put on your regular socks instead of your sticky socks and you will hate life.} 

well, obviously us adopting chandler was the highlight of our weekend {dimsum takes a very close second}. all in all, it was a pretty awesome weekend! oh and warm…it hit 66 degrees on sunday…WHAT?!

what did y’all do??



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