it’s never too cold for a maxi.

i am probably the #1 fan of anything maxi. maxi dress, maxi skirt….maxi pad? HA! just kidding!
seriously, though wearing a maxi dress or a maxi skirt allows for so much wiggle room with everything!
first and foremost, you don’t have to shave your legs! haha that’s the big plus for me! but also, you can wear just about anything with it. i love it’s versatility. not just with accessories and how to wear them butย when to wear them. you can wear them for every season and that’s awesome!!!

bow outfit 1

bow outfit 2
how’s the pinky action?

bow outfit 3 bow outfit 4

i cannot get enough of this cheetah scarf. i wear it almost every time i wear this leather jacket! oh and chambray…i love it with a chambray shirt!

old navy scoop neck // on sale {here}
maxi skirt // similar {here}
leather rider jacket // similar {here}
bow belt // {here}
two tone flats // similar {here}
cheetah scarf // similar {here}
tory burch sunglasses // {here}
michael kors selma purse // {here}

sorry for almost the same pose in every picture but the wind only let me do so much. meh.


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