our weekend adventures

sorry for the late post…it was a rough night.


went to my 6 am barre class and noticed that my arms are becoming more tone! woohoo!

we tried playing with this little dude. we are so hopeful that we can socialize him….so far, it’s not looking too good. we love little chandler bing and want him to adjust so bad!!


jaz & i had a little impromptu outfit shoot saturday morning, coming soon!

how did i not know that the 4th book was out?! i am obsessed with this series! very very similar to 50 shades of gray.

IMG_6828 IMG_6827
we tried a new bbq joint for dinner saturday night and….oh my goodness!!!!! i’m a texas girl and i never thought i would find a bbq place that could compete with texas. i mean, this is no salt lick but, that’ll do seattle, that’ll do.

guess what soon to-be newlyweds booked their honeymoon and need passports!!?!?! WE DID!!!! do you know how hard it is not to smile when your 6 year old is staring at you and saying, “you can’t smile. mommy. don’t smile!” what a turd.

so we were basically in a food coma when we got home from dinner, so we just sat around and played with lulu’s nub tail. hahahahah

superbowl sunday

blog family, meet my person, preslee. i spend the majority of my time at home face timing this lady {she lives in texas}. sunday morning was dedicated to my bachelorette, ahhhh yeah!!! she’s going to hate me for posting this but i think it’s adorbs!

some inspirational words that really hit home with me at my morning barre class.
“always tell the truth. use kind words. keep your promises. giggle & laugh. stay happy & be positive. love another. always be grateful. forgiveness is mandatory. try new things. say please & thank you. smile”

welp. this was the day that seattle has been waiting for!!!! SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!!!! it was a much better game than last year in that it wasn’t a complete massacre. haha i will say that last call was dumb. why did you not give it to lynch?!?!?! ughh!!! but i will say that seattle is still incredibly proud of the seahawks. people can say what they want as far as “being classy” but they are an inspiration and a great team. it’s okay, we’ll be back next year. GO HAWKS!

does anyone else feel as icky as i do because of what you consumed yesterday? bleghhhhhh!
what adventures did you go on?


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