award alert! award alert!!


sisterhood of the world bloggers award to be specific! let me just start off by saying….goodness gracious! do you know how awesome it makes a girl feel when she’s reading one of her favorite bloggers post and gets to the very bottom and sees her name as a nomination?! it makes a girl {me} feel effing amazing! thanks a million to brianna over on {freckle me silly}! recipes, inspirational words, reviews and tons of others fun stuff is to be had on her blog, so go check it out!!

The rules:

  • Thank your nominator
  • Answer 7 questions about yourself
  • Nominate 7 bloggers

on to the questions:

1} in one word, how would you like your readers to describe your blog? everything

2} what/who inspires most of your blog posts? i am always lurking and creeping on wordpress and bloglovin’ and i love what all my fellow bloggers post…hence the reason as to why i’m following them. but i also like to have originality and make things my own. that’s why i don’t just want to be ‘lifestyle blogger’ or a ‘fashion blogger’. i want someone to come to my blog and find everything that a girl {or a fabulous guy} might need.

3} what do you aspire to accomplish this year? making it through the wedding without having a major breakdown. that’s a good one, right? ask me next year and it will be to make a baby… 😉

4} what is the most courageous thing you have ever done? i was a key witness in two major trials when i was just a kid, less than 12 years old. and i had to testify in front of juries. it was a big deal, huge deal and looking back now, i couldn’t imagine jazmyne having to sit up there and testify. gosh that’s terrifying but i was a brave little soldier…the little engine that could…if you will. haha

5} if you could be a superhero, what would your super power be? to be able to fly. except i would never wear a cape because….

6} what is your favorite book? why? my favorite book/s of all time is the lion, the witch & the wardrobe. it was assigned to me to read when i was in 4th grade and though i had read plenty of other chapter books by then, this was the first one that really let my imagination run wild. i loved it and finished the first one within days, would’ve been sooner but you know, boys and cooties got in the way.

7} who is your female role model? maya angelou. need i say more?

my nominations {in no particular order}

– anna from {anna down south}
– janelle from {journey as janelle}
– asa from {lace and pearls}
– jessie from {jessie’s budget beauty}
– lisa from {life as lisa knows it}
– bethany from {simply bethany}
– nicole from {nicole greenslade}

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