my favorite things {music edition}

lately, i have been wanting to listen to nothing but new music. like new new…the stuff on the radio is so overplayed! so i downloaded a couple cd’s and they are all so good!

{sam smith – in the lonely hour}
shut the front door…this guys voice is like heaven in my ears! such a great cd! i always need a good slow/soft song to bring me down from my barre class, and this album is just that!

{ed sheeran – x}
i actually bought this album before i bought sam smith’s but i love them equally. they have very similar styles and it’s awesome. this guy can sing his heart out! one and photograph are on replay right now….love!!

{taylor swift – 1989}
wait!!! i am confessing this to all of you because i will no longer be ashamed that i blare this cd… NOPE…I AM NOT ASHAMED! i use to despise t.swift, seriously i did. ariana grande has since taken that place, goodness i can’t stand that little brat. anyway i bought this album because of the hype it was getting and oh em gee, who am i? i love it!! blankspace, blankspace, blankspace. i will say that there is a certain song that i think she’s trying a wee bit too hard to be lana del ray but overall the album is fantastic!

do y’all have any suggestions on some new music or albums to download?
happy wednesday!



One thought on “my favorite things {music edition}

  1. I can’t believe you were ever a T. Swift hater! I have been a fan – no shame – forever, but am really liking the switch in genre in this new album. Also her Red album is fantastic!


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