pure barre challenge – 20/50

i’ve made it to the 20 class mark! woop woop! today i’m going to take you lovely people through a class and what i think in my mind. it’ll be fun! but first here are some measurement differences. still a little bit of change but i think this is the point where i’m going to start plateauing.
**side note: my weight fluctuated so much these last 10 classes…stupid super bowl.


before class 10 class 20 class 30 class 40 class 50
weight 128.7 lbs 124.4 lbs 123.1 lbs
arms 11.5 in. 11 in. 10.5 in.
chest 36 in. 35.5 in. 34 in.
waist 28 in. 26.5 in. 26 in.
hips 39 in. 38 in. 36.5 in.
thighs 22 in. 21 in. 20 in.

pure barre. because i like getting my ass handed to me…

{i’m just going to go through this like i’m in the class and these are the thoughts i have in my head…bare with me!}

-alriggght checked in, put my stuff away…balls she took my favorite spot! ugh i’m not in the mood to be a rockstar, so i’m just gonna sit in the back.
-oooooo is that a new lulu?!?!?! dang she looks amazing…yep she has 100 club sticky socks, she’s basically a badass.
-stop staring… you’re staring at her ass, jessica.
-stretch…how is that sore?
-it’s 2 minutes past 8 lady, let’s do this… do i stand up yet? now? waitttt…”alright…” okay she said alright, i can stand up now!

{warm up}
-lift those knees.lift and lift. hands are up now…reachhhhhhh. alright now pull down & down. and opposite elbow to opposite knee…shit, my hips keep turning. back to center and pull down for 10, that’s 3, here’s 4 get it 5 thats 6, 7, 8 9 and 10. whew, i didn’t breathe through any of that. awesome…
-ugh the ab warm up. you want me to bring my legs up and the same time i bring my torso up…. okay i’ll try

 -i tried. fail
-and arms. bend your knees and bend over. wait, is my back straight, am i hinged over enough. great she’s coming to me. oh yay, she said great job and didn’t touch me. woop.
– holy crap.. palms to the floor is my worst enemy. lift and lift and lift now squeeze in {my arms are straight behind me, while I’m hinged forward and i have weights in my hands. as high as they can go without bending my arms…for those confused.}
-heavier weights… ouch…wait, headrush. 4 pounders now, i’m a beast… i wonder if i look like this…
-lol that’s a negative.
-aw man…it’s thighs… i hate thighs. will she notice if i just disappear for thigh work?
-2 more position to go…eff me.
-can’t…control…the shaking!!!!! “shaking is good, you want to shake!” nope, i don’t… it makes my cheeks jiggle…both pairs.
-praise jesus, hallelujah it’s over! ow ow ow cramps… eekkk!
-seat work!
-i’ll take seat workouts over thigh workouts any day!
-abs…my favorite!

-wait…it’s all over…

 -oh man…that was good. can i just lay here for an hour or two…

-again again again…see you tomorrow pure barre. {had to use this gif…no sore loser here…go hawks!}

as much as i complain in my head throughout the class, i really do enjoy it!

i gave myself a 20 class present and bought this “see you at the barre” shirt…love!
{sad face because…because i’m sore!! especially my hip flexers!}

thanks for keeping up with my challenge!


5 thoughts on “pure barre challenge – 20/50

  1. Reblogged this on LauraMcDaniel and commented:
    This is SO true, Jess I had to share. BTW, I tried Pure Barre and agree. I could hardly walk back to my car and then had to laugh at myself because my arms were too weak to pull myself up from the Oh Shit Bar to even get in. Stupid SUV…
    No wonder I now ACT like walking is my workout… note (ACT) because it’s just as embarrassing when I find myself out of breath just walking up a small incline!


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