my favorite things {tv shows}




alright, the dramatics are taken care of, now i can get down to business!
so who else hates winter break for their favorite tv shows?! uhm hellllo, we still need to have tv goodness! well, so long winter break and hello all of my favorite shows!!!
here we go… in no particular order.

{the walking dead}
yesssssssss!!!! i am so excited this is back on!!! oh my goodness they left us hanging with that tear jerker…wahh poor beth. i loved her!! and holy moly the opener on sunday did not disappoint! i was so confused at first and didn’t know what was happening now, what was a foreshadow and what not. {spoiler alert} it’s all that kids fault! you just had to go back to your house where you zombie brother/s were and look what you’ve done!

{the originals}
okay…soooo this has been back on for some time now and i had no idea!! needless to say, i binge watched it to catch up the other night. no shame! i’m loving this soft side of klause but hating this unknowingness of what’s going to happen to elijah. he’s my favorite! but no matter what he will always protect baby hope!! gah i love this show!

{vampire diaries}
okay, i might still be in high school, don’t laugh at the tv shows i watch! this show has me in too many directions. bonnie needs to hurry the eff up and get to that magic headstone so she can get out of limbo! alayna needs to remember loving damon because…well because. i’m not liking this stefan and caroline thing…what? and dude caroline almost just killed her mom… wtf.

{grey’s anatomy}
i miss yang. that is all.

i love that they incorporated hayden’s real life pregnancy in the show! i love baby bumps & she’s super cute with one!

holy smokes batman! this show is crazy! david clark is back, daniel died but not before knocking up his french girl. nolan got married to a cray cray, victoria is always up to something and i just feel bad for jack. i always feel bad for jack.

what are your favorite tv shows?!


8 thoughts on “my favorite things {tv shows}

  1. Ohhhhhh I just LOVE Nashville. My husband and I watch it together, and he loves it too. I love that they really do a great job of keeping up the suspense, without really making it seem far-fetched. Can’t WAIT to see what happens with Rayna and Deacon!

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    1. Goodness gracious those two! Just get back together already!!! But you know as soon as they make it official he’s going to take a turn for the worse with his cancer and it’s going to be a sob fest.

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