valentine’s diy gift

double post today. whaaaa!!

this one is just a simple diy that takes a whole 10 minutes.
i pinned a few things and showed jaz so she could pick which one she wanted to do for her teacher.
this is what she chose. again…remember that i do these projects with my 6 year old so yes things will be off center and lopsided, her teacher will adore it though!

what you’ll need:
7.5 x 7.5 glass block {i got mine from michael’s}
about 5 bags of candy hearts
white vinyl
tulle {to make the bow}


{one} trace out some block letters and a big bubbly heart on computer paper. {i picked mine from google and traced directly from my computer screen} cut them out and trace onto the back of the vinyl you chose. {note: when you trace the letters onto the back of the vinyl remember that you have to trace them backwards, so that they are correct when you cut them out} once those are traced, cut them out. if you use scissors i’d suggest using a smaller pair than the ones pictured above. just so you can get into all the corners without tearing the vinyl.

{two} peel off the sticky back, choose your placements and stick away! {if you have that big store sticker on it and it leaves that annoying residue when you peel it off, just use some windex and it’ll take that goo right off!}

{three} add all those fruity heart things inside the glass block, seal it and wrap the tulle around and make a big ‘ol pretty bow!



easy y’all

you’ll notice that i didn’t cut out the “lfp” that i had traced out in the heart because my scissors were too big to make the wittle cuts that i needed to. meh. also, jaz did really well on placing these stickers! all i did was tell her where to line it up and she did all the rest! good job, baby girl!!
two days till valentine’s day!

hugs & big kisses
jess & jaz 


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