get to know me tag…and an announcement!


these tags bring me back to my myspace days and i love it! plus it gives my readers a little inside scoop on me, to get to know me better! i saw this on someday sunnyyou can read kaily’s answers {here}, and i thought why not! this week was kind of boring for my blog so i needed some filler stuff! i also have a pretty big announcement BUT you’ll have to read all the way to the end to see what it is! it’s a good one!

here we go! 

do you have a middle name?

gabriela. my dad’s name is gabriel… real original, mom. hahaha just kidding. love you. however, in my 23 years of life i still have not mastered writing it in cursive. my “g” is fugly. when i get married i’m going to have the longest name imaginable. jessica gabriela anderson. whoa. super mexi then bam white girl!

what was your favorite subject in school?

uhhhh math, duh! algebra and statistics specifically. i wonder why i chose accounting to be my career…. hmmm.

what’s your favorite drink?

non-alcoholic, pepsi. i always try and quit but who am i playing… lol no one.
alcoholic, rum & coke or a bloody mary. but my bloody mary has to be extra spicy!

what’s your favorite song at the moment?

mean to me” – brett eldridge. it’s our last song of the night for the wedding and it gets me misty eyed every time!

what would you name your children?

ohhhhh good try but those are secrets!

do you participate in any sports?

that’s a negative ghost rider

what’s your favorite book?

this isn’t necessarily my favorite but it’s the first book that moved me to tears and made me want to do something for abused children. a child called it, i read this when i was really young which now surprises me because i don’t think i would let jaz read that until maybe high school.

favorite color?

pink. pink everything!

what’s your favorite animal?

kittens & monkeys! omg and red pandas.

what’s your favorite perfume?

tory burch. i’ve had it for over a year now and i still can’t get enough.

what’s your favorite holiday?

thanksgiving because, food.

have you graduated from high school?

yep i graduated a year earlier than i was supposed to. class of ’08. but i still claim ’09.

have you been out of the country?

nope. not even to mexico {lol} but that will soon change because we are going to aruba for our honeymoon! eeeeee.

do you speak any other languages?

contrary to my skin being brown, i do not speak spanish. but i can understand it!

do you have any siblings?

i sure do but i don’t have any full siblings {that’s really funny to say out loud}. are you ready? from my mom i have two older sisters, veronica & monica, my mom was apparently infatuated with the -ica’s. veronica, monica & jessica. lol and from my dad i have 1 older sister, jackie, 1 younger sister cassandra and 1 younger brother, gabriel. so 5 siblings in total.

what’s your favorite store?

clothes – nordstrom, ann taylor & target
home stuff – homegoods, tjmaxx, marshalls

what’s your favorite restaurant?

oh man it depends on the type of food!
mexican – las espuelas
thai – silver spoon
indian – uhmmm that indian place on roosevelt haha
breakfast – jewel box or portage bay
pizza – delfino’s
cafe food – cafe dijon

do you like school?

yes! i love school. i actually miss high school & college. learning is fun!

who are some of your favorite youtubers?

lustre lux, she is hilarious! not to mention beautiful and has some great hair/makeup tips!
jenna marbles, again hilarity is what grabs my attention
ellen degeneres. i don’t even have to explain this one

what’s your favorite movie?

i have so many! selena, titanic, armageddon, practical magic, hocus pocus, the notebook & any sandra bullock movie.

what are some of your favorite tv shows? 

you can see my favorite tv series {here} & my favorite reality tv {here}

pc or mac?

i got a mac for christmas {that’s when i started blogging} and i love it!!! mainly because i eff everything up so i knew if i didn’t get a mac i would have a virus on my computer before i even opened it. seriously, cale knows that too that’s why he got it for me haha

how tall are you?

i’m a shorty, standing oh so tall at 5′ 2″

any pets?

yep! we have two crazy ass cats, lulu lemon & chandler bing. or as we like to call them, the lusers & mr. bingers.


the big announcement!

first, i just want to say, y’all are awesome. if you are reading this, you are awesome! thank you so much for supporting my blog and my words! even if you’re a creeper, that’s fine too because you’re still reading my blog! i like creepers, so keep on keepin on! that being said, my followers have boomed not just on here but on instagram too {find me @jvasquez08}, and i am so excited!! to show y’all my gratitude i will be hosting a giveaway once i hit 100 followers here on wordpress. i’m pretty close so it’ll be very soon and y’all will not be disappointed in the products! i promise! lets just say sephora, ulta and anthropologie are calling my name….

again, thank you all so much!


9 thoughts on “get to know me tag…and an announcement!

  1. Clearly I already stalked you….But also – I have so much in common with you!!! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE A Child Called It. It is definitely one of the hardest books to read, but amazing. Have you read all the rest of them? There’s three in that “series” and then his little brother wrote a book too! They’re all really interesting. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was too scared to read the others but again I was really young when I read the first one, but I actually didn’t know there were more! I’ll have to pick them up! And stalk away, no judging here! Haha!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay for Myspace! I used to hate tags but for blogging purposes I actually think they are kinda awesome and I’m so glad you did this one! Bahahaha @ “super mexi then BAM white girl.” I think it’s hard to retain two languages at once. My husband does a pretty good job of speaking and understanding Spanish, but his brother who is 10 years younger pretty much only understands it. Do you try and teach your daughter Spanish?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We’ve tried to put her in Spanish classes but she has no interest in learning it so we aren’t going to force her. If we still lived in Texas I think I would be a little more adamant. But Spanish isn’t very prominent in Seattle, Mandarin is. And there is NO WAY I’m learning that lol I can’t even learn the language of my people! Haha


    1. I saw that!!! So adorable! Have you seen the one where someone scares the crap out of it?! I think that’s the first video I saw that made me fall in love with them!


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