our weekend adventures


IMG_5321 i launched our very first giveaway! i cannot express my excitement and gratitude on the amount of entries i have gotten! i’ve gotten about 25+ plus all the extras they did to enter additional ways. you guys are too awesome! good luck to each and every one of you!

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IMG_7842 friday’s ootd
skinnies // similar {here}
chambray button down // {here}
shoes // {here}


IMG_7843 saturday’s ootd
yes i was a repeat offender with the chambray but i have like 5 different chambray shirts so technically, it’s different.
pants // {here} love this boutique and it’s super fast shipping!
booties // similar {here}

IMG_7848 what’s a weekend without a stop at target? we saw the cutest puppies! they had little hair ties in their hair and i about died.

IMG_7852 ugh… i tell cale over and over don’t schedule an oil change on a weekend you work…i always get suckered into getting the most expensive checkup and i just nod like i know what they are talking about. grrrr when they told me that it was going to take TWO HOURS to change my oil, i kindly asked for a rental. let’s just say that i felt like a spoiled brat because i couldn’t even back up without my backup camera. {eye roll} first world problems right? slap me.

IMG_7854 after the two hours were up, guess what jaz & i had to do? oh yeah…wait some more… i was so irritated at the end of the day that i went home and took a nap which i never do!

IMG_7857 we got invited to celebrate one of our dear friend’s birthday at an indian restaurant and this little love bug was there! miss neva diva lives in couer d’alene, idaho so we don’t get to see her and her parents very often so this was such a treat!
happy birthday, tyler!


IMG_7866unfortunately, sunday starts off at night for you guys. cale & i woke up at 7:30 thanks to our damn cats, i facetimed by “person” and then, honestly, fell back to sleep until 1 pm. {gasp} i never do that! so sunday chores got off to a late start.

then we went to dinner at our favorite mexican restaurant, i didn’t order my normal thing, WHAT A HUGE MISTAKE. always order your favorite…always.

so this was basically my night. blogging, tallying up contestants for the giveaway {!!!} and watching 19 kids and counting.

IMG_7865 here’s a peace offering for my boring weekend. my kid and my incredibly long kitty cat. we got so lucky with lulu for how tolerable she is with jazmina. chandler, on the other hand, is not. whoops.

i am going to apologize in advance if my “our weekend adventures” for this coming weekend is late. i’m going to texas, y’all!!!! i am so so excited. i’m excited to see my friends and family, i’m excited to meet with new vendors but i am ECSTATIC to see and try on my dress for the first time! when i tried her on at the boutique, she was a completely different color than what i ordered, so it’ll be like a completely different dress! ahhhhhhhhhhh!!

please tell me what you did this weekend to take my mind off having to get on a plane wednesday. i’m such a baby


100 followers **GIVEAWAY**-CLOSED

YOU.GUYS! 100 followers?!

i know this has been long overdue and i apologize immensely! i’ve been so picky with what i wanted to thank you guys with! but seriously, thank you so much for supporting my creative outlet. it really means so much! i started this blog just thinking it would be a place that i could jot down all my thoughts that were too long for a facebook status but now it’s my hobby! it’s something i look forward to doing. i still haven’t got my style down pat yet but who cares, right?

i love being able to connect with other bloggers that may be thinking the same things i am and just reassuring me i am not a total nut! so thank you for that, thank you for indulging in my weirdness!

enough of the mushy gushy let’s get to the goodies!

open to legal residents (18 years of age or older) of the u.s. only. if i get to 500 followers i will open it up internationally. fingers crossed! 


my most favorite products that could be yours! {worth $55+)

{1} urban decay – naked basics palette – i use this palette every single day! i like a more subtle nude/brown eye rather than a bright eyeshadow or a smokey <black> eye. this is the best palette for said, subtle, eye. most of the colors are matte and go on so smooth. love love love

{1} eos – lip balm in vanilla mint – uhm, if you have not tried this lip balm yet, you.are.missing.out! 1) it tastes amazing 2) it makes my lips so soft 3) it keeps them moisturized with all the pesky matte lipsticks i use.

{2} 3.2 oz voluspa candles {via anthropologie}- santiago huckleberry & goji tarocco orange are cale and i’s favorite scents. my absolute favorite is bourbon vanille but they didn’t have any smaller sizes in that scent…so…sorry. eep! but goji is my favorite too!

{1} 2 oz it’s a 10 – miracle leave-in product – if you have curly or frizzy hair, this will be your best friend! to tame my hair i would usually have to put a pound of mousse along with some gel to get it to not frizz but now just a few squirts of this stuff and it’s like magic in a teeny bottle. i love the way it smells too.

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**winner will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected. i was not paid or given these products. i purchased each item myself and were based off of my own opinions. **

thanks again you guys & good luck!

welcome to our home. pt. 2

welcome to the second part of our home!
the majority of the upstairs.

you can find part 1 of “welcome to our home” {here}

master bedroom continued…

i forgot to share our dresser when i shared our master bedroom, so here it is.

IMG_5039 IMG_5040

homegoods, y’all. i’m telling ya!

jazmyne’s princess room.

i’m obsessed with this canvas. hobby lobby is the winner here.

IMG_4991 IMG_4995 IMG_4999
IMG_4994IMG_5003 IMG_5004
i know that these letter’s don’t really go with her color scheme but they were a gift that neither one of us can part with. jaz loves them!

what’s a princess room without a chandelier??

now this is the most special thing in jaz’s bedroom. cale’s granny gave jaz this adorable rocking chair. it was actually cale’s & his siblings when they were younger, so it means a great deal to him.
and sitting on that adorable rocking chair is mr. monk {aka monkey}. jaz has had this stuffed animal since the day she was born. he’s quite tattered now as he took a little tumble in a burning candle, it’s okay we performed emergency surgery and got him a cast.
and there you have it! a very…very, pink princess room.

the infamous man cave

now remember, this is the gathering room of all things that were hung up or “around” the house when i first moved in…

IMG_5009  IMG_5012  IMG_5011
IMG_5025   IMG_5013

the epitome of a man cave, right? i wasn’t allowed to touch this room…at all. i gave some placement pointers but he wanted every piece up on the wall. what’s he going to do if we have a baby before we move?

well folks, there’s our little home!
if we do any renovations or any type of home diys i will, of course, update y’all.
have you done a home tour before? if so comment with a ping back and i will be sure to check it out! i love seeing other blogger’s homes!


our weekend adventures


fridays #ootd.
peplum blouse // {here}
jeans // {here}
shoes // {here}
jacket // {here}

cuddles with the loos all night long! more like rape cuddles but that’s okay!


i finally was able to make it back to barre! i went to the doctor and my chronic headaches were due to a major sinus infection and two ear infections. yikes! welp, now i’m all drugged up and feeling so much better! woohoo to getting my tuck on! and if you were following my barre challenge, i failed. i did however get 27 classes in 31 days! and that is definitely an accomplishment.

after dance and barre, we all took a little trip into seattle and went to the chihuly glass & garden exhibit, since we have never been and it was so cool! mini heart attacks throughout the exhibit though…6 year old clumsiness and hands make for a very nervous momma. a post to come soon!

cale has been begging for his favorite pizza place since his birthday so i had to give in. two words. food coma.

what’s in the lulu bag, cale?! huh huh huh?! and he says i’m bad! ask me if i got something…. NOPE! {pouty face here}

look what was in the mailbox when we got home!!! we can officially go to aruba!!! gahhhh hurry up honeymoon!


sundays = mom jeans and errands.
jeans // {here}
pullover // similar {here}
shoes // {here}

tried a closer nail salon and i loved them! they didn’t nick me with the cuticle clippers and they offer a wide variety of colors! they look thick in this picture but they really aren’t. and they aren’t this bright either, it’s just a bad picture all around, sue me!

and this about summarizes our sunday night. nothing but lazy bums!

well we had a very eventful weekend! with the exhibit, which i promise to share more on later, and errands that i’m trying to get done before my trip to texas.
what did you guys do?


our vintage engagement party.

hello there!
so when i posted our engagement pictures i was asked {through multiple outlets} if i was going to have or had already had an engagement party and was i going to blog about it?
well, i didn’t have this blog when our engagement party was thrown so i hadn’t planned on it but it’s a popular question so i decided ah what the hell! why not!
so here we are.

when we got engaged in may, we decided right away that we needed to go down to texas and meet with all the vendors we could and start booking away. i also needed to find a dress and i wanted to do that with all {or most} of my bridesmaids so i knew i had to find it in austin. and we thought, “hey! lets throw a little shindig!” and that’s just what we did!

one of my bridesmaids, misty, graciously hosted it at her house and was the one who took care of all of the decor! oh my goodness did she knock it out of the park! we loved it! even though we were fighting through some awful weather it cleared up {kinda} and let us par-tay! the weather did not do good things to my hair though, but we won’t touch on that.

i am so grateful that all of our closest family & friends came out and celebrated our engagement with us. it seriously was a magical night.
thank you again, to all of my bridesmaids and maid of honor for helping me keep my stress down and making us feel special!

oooooos & aaaaaaahhhsss will soon follow.
welcome to our engagement party!
all photos except one {you’ll know when you see it haha} were taken by the incredibly talented misty sims photography. and all of the adorable furniture pieces are from furbish vintage rentals & inspiration.

s10320997_936923189655762_3231240399407169823_o 10700391_936923186322429_5270055981195202842_o 1487944_936923176322430_4811459171413334961_o 10700664_936923476322400_8196237213424947673_o 10708585_936923492989065_5339380775423027826_o

our delicious mimosa bar & lonestar beer {a texas staple}


10679682_936923262989088_191126531028733405_o 10682183_936923219655759_440287165806463955_o 10700214_936923606322387_7177996998853567899_o

the best cupcakes ever from sugar mama’s bakeshop and the sweetest display.

10631178_936923349655746_7903155143037881635_o 10644113_936923709655710_299295960459325686_o 10683423_936923656322382_3902861009066341465_o 10295072_936923692989045_426200943487517624_o 1909235_936923672989047_2403927034426225705_o

a couple of games. how cute are these?


and what’s a party without some polaroids?!

1781084_936923442989070_6494820247791281938_o 10708575_936923456322402_681952062011425019_o IMG_5048
{this is the one that i took}
look at all those smiles. i love each and everyone of you!

i have the best friends & family. i can’t wait to celebrate with y’all again on our wedding day!


wedding countdown


7 months!

this month was relatively quiet until last week when i found out my dress was going to be shipped to the boutique i bought it from soon. so that means i get to go to texas and get it! whoop! do y’all know how long i’ve been waiting for this gown? way too effing long. this trip will include a few new vendors too, i will meet with invitation designers, potential hair & make-up and of course get my gorgeous hayley paige gown!

don’t forget to check out our wedding website // {andersoneverafter,com}

previous wedding countdowns // {10 months}   {9 months}   {8 months}

this month we:

  • booked our fancy departure transportation… in love!
  • ordered and received my garters from la gartier. if you are bride to be, i highly suggest this business. they have incredible, beautiful garters and the owner is so sweet!! thank you so much sarah for making me feel special!!
  • 1 out of 6 of my bridesmaids went and ordered her dress! yay!!
  • ordered bridesmaids gifts to put in their goodie box to open on the day of the wedding!


i’ve gotten mixed feelings about me sharing my vendors. questions like, “what if someone copies you?!” or “their wedding will look exactly like yours if they book the same vendors!”
all i can say is, no one’s wedding will look like our wedding. and hopefully that is how every other bride feels too! everyone has their own taste and vision on what they want their day to look like. mine is more traditional and fancy and that may not be some people’s taste but from what i’ve seen so far, all of these vendors can accommodate every wedding style!
{new vendors are in pink}

so this photo shoot was extra special for us to shoot. this wedding isn’t just making me an anderson, it’s making our baby girl one too. it’s making us the family that we have all wanted for the longest time. whether it be legally or just figuratively, we will all be andersons.
i know that these are pretty much the same pose but my daughter is beautiful so i just had to share these gems.

IMG_4950 IMG_4947



IMG_4939 IMG_4938

our weekend adventures


arm candy of the day!

IMG_7644 IMG_7645
friday did not start off well at all. my cats decided to keep us up all night fighting with each other {this is my i hate life face} and then i broke a nail! i take a lot of pride in my nails because they are natural, so this is a huge devastation, y’all.

even though i was crazy tired i couldn’t sleep. so i stayed up trying to find a gosh darn hair & make-up artist. ugh seriously the most difficult thing to do.


after dance jaz and i went and picked up our neighbor’s girlie/jaz’s friend and went to go see cinderella! oh my goodness we loved it! i cried through most of it though… don’t judge me monkey. there were a lot of sad parts in it. i thought it was very good though, game of thrones robb, is gorgeous. and i love that there are two downton abbey actors in this! ella and a step sister, how cool!

i guess a small {which is really a large} icee and a whole bag of skittles plus countless giggles with a fellow 6 year old can really take a lot out of ya.

we went and picked up our pottery! looks like little ol’ mermaid’s eyes didn’t fair well through the firing. hehe


i can always count on the loos to help me with the laundry.

unfortunately for me, i got the worst tension headache i’ve ever had. i couldn’t relax my shoulders and they were practically up to my neck. ugh so painful! but as soon as it started to subside i was up and at em again finishing the “welcome to our home pt. 2” shoot. stay tuned! {what is going on with my thumb?}

well of course, now that the south has beautiful weather and sunshine we are stuck with yucky cold and rain! jaz has had a little measuring bucket out on our deck for a while and it’s finally being put to use. and yes those are dress up, jasmine high heels. proper outside attire, right?

well this weekend was uneventful due to some wicked headaches. we have no idea why i keep getting these chronic headaches. thankfully they are not migraines but it’s still worrisome. i’m going to the doctor this week to check on some things so i’m hoping to get some answers. does anyone have some natural remedies that you use for headaches? i will seriously try anything at this point, it’s gotten to the point where i can’t even go to barre {super duper sad face} ughhhh!

i hope y’all had a great weekend!