makeup review: yves saint laurent shocking mascara

IMG_4610 IMG_4624

alright ladies let’s talk about this mascara! has anyone else tried this one before? if so, please let me know what your opinions about it are.

here are mine.
first, the packaging is awesome. i’m a sucker for anything gold. so i give that a 10/10.

the brush is a decent size but here is where this product starts to lose points for me. this is a very wet mascara. very very wet. which means it can get quite messy. {pay no mind to my terribly grown out nails, been too busy to make it to the salon.}

IMG_4621 IMG_4622
this is where it loses major points for me. sometimes every time i open it, the inner tube comes out and it’s super annoying. especially if you’re not looking and you start trying to apply it. gob fest, y’all!

here’s what one coat looks like. keep in mind i don’t curl my lashes. never have, never will.

so now that i got all the pictures out of the way let’s start the review. again, i love the packaging. it is very sleek and eye appealing. the formula however makes this a miss for me. while i love the way it smells, it is way too wet for my liking. does it make my lashes longer? yes. does it make my lashes fuller? no. as you can see in the picture it makes them spider-y. not my fave. kind of sucks too because this one is not cheap. at $30, in my opinion, it is not worth it. sighhh. on to the next.

what are y’alls favorite mascaras? any worth trying?

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