stripes & a blazer

happy friday eve!
it’s unbelievable that i get to say this again, holy sunny seattle! while the south and east coast have wintergeddon happening we are graced with the beauty of a pnw spring! the cherry blossoms are blooming, y’all! it’s been amazing!

I took crazy advantage of this sunny weather and decided to finally wear this adorable pencil dress. while i think it is adorable it is also a bit scandalous. only because it hugs everything. so, to dress it up a bit more so i could wear it to work i 1) pulled it up so no cleavage 2) paired it with a sleek white blazer {i’m the blazer queen} 3) didn’t wear super sexy stilettos.
if i were going out…totally different story!
whether it be a pencil skirt or a pencil dress, i think that every woman needs one. be thankful for your curves and show those babies off…with class though, don’t go hoochie mama! {dangit, now that song is stuck in my head, “ain’t nothin but a hoochie mama!”}

stripes IMG_4830stripes 5 IMG_4655

see, absolutely work friendly. if i wanted i could shimmy the dress down a bit and voila, boobies! but i don’t…so i didn’t.
the next are without the blazer and it just seems a bit too risqué for my workplace but i think i just found my new favorite going out outfit! pshhhh who am i kidding? i don’t go out!

stripes 2
stripes 4
booty, booty, booty rockin’ everywhere! lol
stripes 6

and BAM, hello lady curves! i used to hate my hips because i thought they were disproportional to the rest of my body but cale loves them so he has made me a little less insecure about them. they’re my baby-makin’ hips, he says. considering i have indeed made a baby, i would say that’s accurate. ha!

bar III dress // {here}
blazer // similar {here}
nine west pumps // similar {here}
kendra scott kiri necklace // {here}
kendra scott elle earrings // {here}
lips // nyx {i got mine from nordstrom rack…}

i try really hard to cycle through all my shoes because i find that bloggers who have the exact same shoes on in every one of their posts, don’t really let their readers into their closets. however, us girls have our favorites and these are definitely one of mine! they are just too comfy and translate well with any look i’m going for. but seriously, change it up a little.

have a great thursday!


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