infinity dreams award

infinity dreams

well would you look at that! this little blog was nominated for another award! yay yay yay! thank you a million to kaui over on kaui from maui! y’all should really go check out her blog! she posts anything and everything from makeup reviews to thoughts on restaurants, not to mention she’s also a mommy!

let’s get to it!

rules for the award:
1. thank and follow the blog that nominated you.
2. tell us 11 facts about yourself.
3. answer the questions that were set for you to answer.
4. nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them.


11 facts about me:
1} i haven’t stepped foot into a walmart since i moved to seattle. cale hates wally world and how they treat their employees so i’m forbidden. it’s cool, target has better stuff anyway.

2} i work for the government and have worked for almost every department. justice of the peace, constable’s office, treasurer, health department, and currently, superior court.

3} i am an avid bobby bones show listener. they need to come to seattle already!

4} when i try a new food and i love it, i eat it almost everyday. still haven’t kicked my craving for pho and thai food… yummm pad thai and pad kee mao. delicious!

5} i have restless leg syndrome… cale didn’t believe me but i asked the doctor and she said yep, sorry about that… haha. in case you’re wondering what that feels like, let me quickly fill you in. when i get in bed, there is this weird urge to move my legs. i have to move them…and move them…and move them. it’s incredibly annoying and keeps me up. anyone have this and what’s your remedy?

6} i will only drink tap water in seattle. before i moved here i thought texas had great tap water…wrong. it’s disgusting. seattle’s tap water tastes like it’s straight from a filter. i’m weird.

7} i hate talking on the phone. unless i’ve talked on the phone with you for all my life {my mom, family, cale} just text me, people.

8}  my tummy lets me know when i need to get out of bed. if i just lay in bed for a long time after i wake up, it’ll start hurting. again, i’m weird.

9} i’m obsessed with candles. if you surprise visit us you can bet your bottom dollar that a candle will be burning.

10} when i need to cry i watch soldiers coming home videos.

11} i have the worst blood circulation. my hands and feet are always ice cold. is there anything i can do for this? haha

random facts, hope you liked them! 

here are kaui’s questions.

1. do you listen to music when you put on your makeup?
yes, well i have something on. if it’s a weekday, it’s a replay of the bobby bones show. if it’s the weekend then it’s usually shania twain radio on pandora.

2. if you could travel anywhere with all expenses paid, where would you go? pick only one place.
greece. santorini to be exact. 

3. what would you buy with $1,000?
right now? i would put it towards wedding costs. if i didn’t have a wedding to pay for then probably clothes and shoes.

4. who has the biggest impact on your life?
my daughter. she changed my life the second she was born.

5. do you have any tattoos? if not, do you want one?
yes, i have two. 

6. why did you start blogging?
i had started a mini blog on our wedding website and it was so much fun. 

7. what instantly puts a smile on your face?
thinking about our wedding. thinking of what cale’s face is going to look like when he sees jaz & i walking towards him. 

8. if you could be best friends with a celebrity, who would you choose?
anna kendrick. she’s hilarious! 

9. if you could change a law, which one would it be?
yikes! i’ll keep this one to myself just because i’m not one for controversy nor do i like confrontation and my answer will absolutely cause both. 

10. are you concerned about ISIS?
absolutely! if you’re an american and you’re not concerned, you must not read the news. 

11. what inspires you to do what you do?
life. what a boring answer, right? but life is what inspires me. the best life, a life for my daughter that she will be proud to look back on, a life that when cale & i get old we can look back on and say “hot damn, we’re badass”. that’s what inspires me. 


so i know i’m supposed to nominate some bloggers but in complete honesty. i have just followed a whole new batch of bloggers and am still trying to familiarize myself with their posts. and i have a little rule with myself that i won’t nominate a blogger for more than one award. boooooo me, i know. please don’t hate me 🙂

thanks again for the continued support!


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