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friday did not start off well at all. my cats decided to keep us up all night fighting with each other {this is my i hate life face} and then i broke a nail! i take a lot of pride in my nails because they are natural, so this is a huge devastation, y’all.

even though i was crazy tired i couldn’t sleep. so i stayed up trying to find a gosh darn hair & make-up artist. ugh seriously the most difficult thing to do.


after dance jaz and i went and picked up our neighbor’s girlie/jaz’s friend and went to go see cinderella! oh my goodness we loved it! i cried through most of it though… don’t judge me monkey. there were a lot of sad parts in it. i thought it was very good though, game of thrones robb, is gorgeous. and i love that there are two downton abbey actors in this! ella and a step sister, how cool!

i guess a small {which is really a large} icee and a whole bag of skittles plus countless giggles with a fellow 6 year old can really take a lot out of ya.

we went and picked up our pottery! looks like little ol’ mermaid’s eyes didn’t fair well through the firing. hehe


i can always count on the loos to help me with the laundry.

unfortunately for me, i got the worst tension headache i’ve ever had. i couldn’t relax my shoulders and they were practically up to my neck. ugh so painful! but as soon as it started to subside i was up and at em again finishing the “welcome to our home pt. 2” shoot. stay tuned! {what is going on with my thumb?}

well of course, now that the south has beautiful weather and sunshine we are stuck with yucky cold and rain! jaz has had a little measuring bucket out on our deck for a while and it’s finally being put to use. and yes those are dress up, jasmine high heels. proper outside attire, right?

well this weekend was uneventful due to some wicked headaches. we have no idea why i keep getting these chronic headaches. thankfully they are not migraines but it’s still worrisome. i’m going to the doctor this week to check on some things so i’m hoping to get some answers. does anyone have some natural remedies that you use for headaches? i will seriously try anything at this point, it’s gotten to the point where i can’t even go to barre {super duper sad face} ughhhh!

i hope y’all had a great weekend!


7 thoughts on “our weekend adventures

  1. I get migraines, but yours could be the combination of the cruddy weather & mentally fatigued (hmmm, wonder why). I get that advice from my doctor (and nurse sister). If your shoulders are tense, as awful as it may sound you actually could go in for a massage, but the kind where they pull your head/neck. Also try some mint (also inhale the aroma) and then drink.
    Or there’s always the old Tex-Mex remedy of having BF roll a cold egg over your spine! LOL I literally mean that, sometimes that wacky Tex-Mex voodoo works – go figure? Or maybe you lose the headache because your either creeped out or laughing so hard! ??

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    1. oh man i get migraines too. awful awful migraines. i get auras right before mine hit me so at least i have some warning so i can take my “magic pill” haha dangit…a massage?! who want’s one of those?! haha i think that may be a good idea.

      hahahahah! i know that egg remedy all too well. it’s a mexican superstition. i actually wrote about all the crazy mexican superstitions that my family has { https://andersoneverafter.wordpress.com/2015/01/08/weird-mexican-superstitions/ }
      unfortunately, i don’t know the prayer that needs to be said while rubbing the egg over your body…womp womp.

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  2. Your headaches sound like they are stress induced and they also can come on with lack of sleep. You need to look up a physical therapist that can do manual therapy an trigger point dry needling. I have the same issues and this treatment is amazing it will completely gets rid of my headaches naturally!

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