wedding countdown


7 months!

this month was relatively quiet until last week when i found out my dress was going to be shipped to the boutique i bought it from soon. so that means i get to go to texas and get it! whoop! do y’all know how long i’ve been waiting for this gown? way too effing long. this trip will include a few new vendors too, i will meet with invitation designers, potential hair & make-up and of course get my gorgeous hayley paige gown!

don’t forget to check out our wedding website // {andersoneverafter,com}

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this month we:

  • booked our fancy departure transportation… in love!
  • ordered and received my garters from la gartier. if you are bride to be, i highly suggest this business. they have incredible, beautiful garters and the owner is so sweet!! thank you so much sarah for making me feel special!!
  • 1 out of 6 of my bridesmaids went and ordered her dress! yay!!
  • ordered bridesmaids gifts to put in their goodie box to open on the day of the wedding!


i’ve gotten mixed feelings about me sharing my vendors. questions like, “what if someone copies you?!” or “their wedding will look exactly like yours if they book the same vendors!”
all i can say is, no one’s wedding will look like our wedding. and hopefully that is how every other bride feels too! everyone has their own taste and vision on what they want their day to look like. mine is more traditional and fancy and that may not be some people’s taste but from what i’ve seen so far, all of these vendors can accommodate every wedding style!
{new vendors are in pink}

so this photo shoot was extra special for us to shoot. this wedding isn’t just making me an anderson, it’s making our baby girl one too. it’s making us the family that we have all wanted for the longest time. whether it be legally or just figuratively, we will all be andersons.
i know that these are pretty much the same pose but my daughter is beautiful so i just had to share these gems.

IMG_4950 IMG_4947



IMG_4939 IMG_4938

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