our vintage engagement party.

hello there!
so when i posted our engagement pictures i was asked {through multiple outlets} if i was going to have or had already had an engagement party and was i going to blog about it?
well, i didn’t have this blog when our engagement party was thrown so i hadn’t planned on it but it’s a popular question so i decided ah what the hell! why not!
so here we are.

when we got engaged in may, we decided right away that we needed to go down to texas and meet with all the vendors we could and start booking away. i also needed to find a dress and i wanted to do that with all {or most} of my bridesmaids so i knew i had to find it in austin. and we thought, “hey! lets throw a little shindig!” and that’s just what we did!

one of my bridesmaids, misty, graciously hosted it at her house and was the one who took care of all of the decor! oh my goodness did she knock it out of the park! we loved it! even though we were fighting through some awful weather it cleared up {kinda} and let us par-tay! the weather did not do good things to my hair though, but we won’t touch on that.

i am so grateful that all of our closest family & friends came out and celebrated our engagement with us. it seriously was a magical night.
thank you again, to all of my bridesmaids and maid of honor for helping me keep my stress down and making us feel special!

oooooos & aaaaaaahhhsss will soon follow.
welcome to our engagement party!
all photos except one {you’ll know when you see it haha} were taken by the incredibly talented misty sims photography. and all of the adorable furniture pieces are from furbish vintage rentals & inspiration.

s10320997_936923189655762_3231240399407169823_o 10700391_936923186322429_5270055981195202842_o 1487944_936923176322430_4811459171413334961_o 10700664_936923476322400_8196237213424947673_o 10708585_936923492989065_5339380775423027826_o

our delicious mimosa bar & lonestar beer {a texas staple}


10679682_936923262989088_191126531028733405_o 10682183_936923219655759_440287165806463955_o 10700214_936923606322387_7177996998853567899_o

the best cupcakes ever from sugar mama’s bakeshop and the sweetest display.

10631178_936923349655746_7903155143037881635_o 10644113_936923709655710_299295960459325686_o 10683423_936923656322382_3902861009066341465_o 10295072_936923692989045_426200943487517624_o 1909235_936923672989047_2403927034426225705_o

a couple of games. how cute are these?


and what’s a party without some polaroids?!

1781084_936923442989070_6494820247791281938_o 10708575_936923456322402_681952062011425019_o IMG_5048
{this is the one that i took}
look at all those smiles. i love each and everyone of you!

i have the best friends & family. i can’t wait to celebrate with y’all again on our wedding day!


12 thoughts on “our vintage engagement party.

    1. aw man my fingers get too excited sometimes and click on things they don’t mean to! i un-followed you but i promise i’ve been and avid follower haha! so i re-followed you. any who, thank you!! we weren’t planning on having one but i wanted to see all of my friends since i hadn’t seen them in a long time so we decided, hey why not!

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      1. Don’t worry! You definitely did NOT unfollow me! I switched my blog to self-hosting, and I lost ALL of my followers! (insert sobbing here). They “transfer” them all to the new blog, but it doesn’t really work, or show up in anyone’s readers. So I’m officially starting over. It’s so sad!!!!!!


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