welcome to our home. pt. 2

welcome to the second part of our home!
the majority of the upstairs.

you can find part 1 of “welcome to our home” {here}

master bedroom continued…

i forgot to share our dresser when i shared our master bedroom, so here it is.

IMG_5039 IMG_5040

homegoods, y’all. i’m telling ya!

jazmyne’s princess room.

i’m obsessed with this canvas. hobby lobby is the winner here.

IMG_4991 IMG_4995 IMG_4999
IMG_4994IMG_5003 IMG_5004
i know that these letter’s don’t really go with her color scheme but they were a gift that neither one of us can part with. jaz loves them!

what’s a princess room without a chandelier??

now this is the most special thing in jaz’s bedroom. cale’s granny gave jaz this adorable rocking chair. it was actually cale’s & his siblings when they were younger, so it means a great deal to him.
and sitting on that adorable rocking chair is mr. monk {aka monkey}. jaz has had this stuffed animal since the day she was born. he’s quite tattered now as he took a little tumble in a burning candle, it’s okay we performed emergency surgery and got him a cast.
and there you have it! a very…very, pink princess room.

the infamous man cave

now remember, this is the gathering room of all things that were hung up or “around” the house when i first moved in…

IMG_5009  IMG_5012  IMG_5011
IMG_5025   IMG_5013

the epitome of a man cave, right? i wasn’t allowed to touch this room…at all. i gave some placement pointers but he wanted every piece up on the wall. what’s he going to do if we have a baby before we move?

well folks, there’s our little home!
if we do any renovations or any type of home diys i will, of course, update y’all.
have you done a home tour before? if so comment with a ping back and i will be sure to check it out! i love seeing other blogger’s homes!


13 thoughts on “welcome to our home. pt. 2

    1. I try really hard to make sure I keep SOME modern stuff. Haha I definitely have to hand it to him when it comes to his artwork. It’s all so cool! My favorite piece that I didn’t photograph is something his Ex drew him 🙊 I loved it so much I made him hang it up lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. THAT is what makes you an amazing woman!! (enjoying even the EX’s photographs) – it’s called being YOU and enjoying you with HIM. I’m glad you shared this with “us” (your followers) – it keeps you human and personal… Thank you!


  1. Our house in various stages is up on the Home Tour page of our blog but since Eloise was born right at the time we were finishing the remodel, that page and any updates on the house have pretty much been neglected! I am hoping to do a big photoshoot and maybe video of the house this spring, but you can always come over and see anything new! Loved your house tour!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jess
    Loved the tour of your home. I remember what it looked like when Cale bought it. It was a very nice place but I think you put the home into it. Cale is amazing at home updates and renovations so you guys are a TEAM !


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