sorry i suck….

i know i promised an eventful blog this week….but i lied.
i’m boring, and stressed, and crazy busy.
so here’s this…it’s not just for fashion bloggers but for all bloggers. ask my fiance…this is me when i’m trying to crank out a post.

i have a few recipes, some cinco de mayo treats and reviews that i will be posting about very soon. i’m not promising because apparently i can’t keep those.

a very apologetic/boring blogger

our weekend adventures


IMG_8276 friday was my by 24th birthday! a whole year older. yippee!

IMG_8253 my coworkers are so sweet. not only did they decorate my office but they also held a little luncheon with our other coworkers.

IMG_8279 i’m seriously so grateful for everyone in my life. while i was talking boring work stuff with another coworker in her office, i turned around and my honey was standing there with a bouquet of roses, my favorite whole foods cake and an adorable card. he is so sweet and thoughtful! it made my day so much more special!

IMG_8285 IMG_8286 and my day just gets better and better! i came home from work to balloons and a sweet chalk message. i have the sweetest neighbors, y’all! thank you so much to becky and her adorable children! i loved it! the homeowners association may have some words though… ;).

IMG_8293 obligatory bathroom picture.

IMG_8294 to no one’s surprise…i love red meat. i can eat a steak like no one’s business! mmmm! we have tried the metropolitan grill and love them but i decided i wanted to try a new steakhouse. daniel’s broiler on lake union was the weiner!

IMG_8298cheers to birthdays, love and life!

IMG_8296 seared ahi to start….

IMG_8303 filet mignon topped with dungeness crab smothered in a delectable béarnaise atop grilled asparagus with garlic mash potatoes. damn, did i sell that or did i sell that!

IMG_8304 the restaurant surprised me with dessert…i actually didn’t eat any of it but a strawberry…uhm did you see my main course?

IMG_8310 IMG_8305i’m ready for 25.

IMG_8312 after dinner we decided to stay but move to the piano bar and listen to the awesome pianist! he lured us in when he was playing mario bros. and i’m pretty sure…lots of champagne… that he played bohemian rhapsody for me before we left. haha.

IMG_8313 this gorgeous woman was sitting at the piano bar when we walked up and was all dolled up! low and behold it was her birthday too! she was so adorable!

that about summed up our night…other than the quick trip to a dive bar where i forced other girls out onto the dance floor. ay yi yi {face palm}


IMG_8336 we had to wake up early to go pick up our mina girl! this little girl got to go to disneyland….what the hell! i want to go to disneyland! she had this little present waiting for me. i can’t wait to share it with y’all later.

IMG_8337 we came straight home after we picked jaz up from the airport… in case you missed my post yesterday, {here} is what my day was like. and because that is how i felt all day, i had to order my groceries to be delivered. this is the epitome of laziness…. i paid over $30 for $15 worth of food. i needed it within a hour and i wasn’t moving. instacart is the bomb!

IMG_8338 i may have stayed in bed all day bit at least i got some wedding shenanigans out of the way. invitation wording…yay!!!!!

IMG_8339 blogged a little while watching the bruce jenner special. and i will just say this…good on you, bruce. it is unfortunate that he is a celebrity and has to deal with the ridiculous scrutiny of all the stupid people in this world. i can’t wait to see what he looks like as “her”.

IMG_8340 cale went and met up with some of his groomsmen to discuss his bachelor party in 2 weeks so i begged him to stop at our froyo place on his way home. extra strawberries and cheesecake please!


IMG_8343 say good morning to princess lulu everyone. she’s laying right in between cale’s legs using his bum as a pillow {he’s on his stomach}. she cracks me up!

IMG_8344 it was time to clean all my babies and the beads that are in my brush holder. what y’alls favorite brush cleaner?

well that’s where my day ended picture wise. we got to cleaning and getting ready for cale’s granny and auntie bev to stop by for dinner and my phone was left upstairs. no phone, no pictures.

i hope everyone had a great weekend!
this will be a good blog week! stay tuned!



i mean who likes hangovers? if you raised your hand please sit down….wait, what?

my birthday was a few days ago and my lovely fiancè took me out to a fancy dinner where we started out with champagne. a glass turned into a bottle which turned into a hilarious cab ride home and then ultimately landing us in a dive bar with lots of beer and dancing.
well… one, look at us! being young and stuff. this is very unlike us. we are homebodies that uhm…stay at home. and two, don’t all those shenanigans sound fun? it was but the next morning was hell. double hell. h-e- double hockey sticks. i’m pretty sure i thought i was dying.

other than the mere fact of being hungover, here are a few reasons why my hangovers are the worst!

ugh hangovers, i hate you…. a lot. 

{one} the worst morning breath imaginable. i dread waking up in the morning {as most mornings} but not because i don’t want to wake up but because this taste is disgusting! i don’t know how to explain it, thinking about it makes me gag. blegh!! sometimes i’ll wake up early just to brush my teeth and then get right back in bed.

{two} the awful, painful, stupid headache given by satan himself. i already have incredibly painful headaches but hangover headaches put me out all day rather than a few hours.

{three} showers are a lot of work when you’re hungover. this is usually how mine goes. or if i’m really hungover, i’m in a fetal position, laying in the tub. both are very effective.

{four} you wreak! gosh…alcohol permeates through every single pore on your body and it’s terrible. it doesn’t matter how many showers you take or how many times you brush your teeth, you will forever smell of booze. it’s like a full day walk of shame.

{five} any and all forms of light is like setting your eyes on fire.

{six} i want to eat everything that has grease, fat and salt. i don’t normally eat salty things but when i’m hungover…gimme!

{seven} if you need me i’ll be in bed all day. functionality is minimal and this is where i stay.

then i usually vow to never drink again and ask myself why? why do i do this to myself? why did i have to drink those last 2 beers? why did i mix alcohol? why am i a dummy? never again. never will i….

who am i kidding. planning a wedding is stressful, my job is hard and being a mom to a sassy 6 year old is tough work.

before people get their little panties in a twist, i never get sloshed in front of my daughter. so take it easy on the judge-y judy eyebrows. moms can drink, moms can still have fun and there is nothing wrong with that nor does it reflect on their parenting. but let’s not get me on that soap box 😉 

stay thirsty, my friends.

hope everyone is having a great sunday!


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it’s my birthday!


happy birthday to me! haha
i remember when i was little i used to get so excited for my golden birthday. for those of you that don’t know, a golden birthday is when you turn the age of your birthday date.

so today i am 24 on April 24th. but i really feel like i’m 30.
anywho, just thought i’d fill everyone in that….

it’s my birthday! 

this will be my last birthday as a vasquez…ahhhhh!
have a great friday and an awesome weekend everyone!



beautiful blogger award

happy hump day everybody!

first, i just want to apologize for my lack of posts. to be quite honest, i am so overwhelmed. i’m taking on two roles concurrently at my job right now, usually i either do payroll OR the accounting side but for the next two weeks i’ll be wearing both hats. it’s an extreme amount of pressure. meh. wedding details are drowning me, we’ve officially doubled our budget and i just keep thinking that, that could be a down payment on a new house. our weekends are filling up and i can’t get to any diy’s i want to do and I’M JUST FREAKING OUT! haha

the point of that vent sesh was just to say sorry. i will be back soon enough with all my little fun posts.
i blog for fun, not to get paid, not to get sponsored, and not to get attention. it’s seriously my outlet and i don’t want this to become something i stress over too.

okay! woe is me time is over.

among my hectic week last week i got a comment notification from the ever so sweet emily, over on {by emily}, nominating me for the beautiful blogger award! this really made my day and i am so grateful to have such wonderful followers! i love these awards and it makes the blogger community i am in that much more awesome! i follow and am followed by some amazing women and i love that we can encourage each other to keep being awesome! thank you for the nomination, emily, y’all should definitely go check out her blog!

here are the rules: 

* display the award logo on your blog.

* thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.

* nominate 7 other bloggers for the award.

* let them know they have been nominated.

seven things about me:

  • when i’m nervous or bored i’ll play with my hair. i have a special twirl that’s specific to be nervous/anxious or bored.
  • my golden birthday is friday! turning 24 on the 24th yippee!
  • i am terrified to drive. this is a new thing…i literally woke up one day and i was scared to drive. trusting other people with my daughter and family’s lives is too intense for me.
  • my childhood nickname is bingie. apparently my mom used to put me on her knee and say “bingie…bingie…bingie” so i guess it just stuck. so if you hear my mom call me that at my wedding, welp that’s why. my papa thought it was so hilarious when he would “accidentally” call me dingy. ha….ha!
  • outer space freaks me out. it never ends! we are just a speckle in the gigantic universe! how that doesn’t blow everyone’s mind is beyond me!
  • i can watch selenaarmageddontitanic, now & then, hocus pocus & practical magic over and over and over again. love them!
  • i can’t burp. it’s awful. i don’t burp but i can, what i like to call…urp. it’s basically just like a gurgle of air bubbles. it kind of sounds like a dinosaur. it’s strange and i envy everyone who can belch the alphabet. that’s like one of my dreams…haha kidding. sometimes i burp on accident and it’s like christmas.

my beautiful nominees:

i know that’s only 5…sue me.

make sure you check out each of these lady’s blogs and especially emily’s!

i’ll say it over & over. thank you a million times for supporting me!

great big hugs

our weekend adventures



we ventured out for a late night movie and these goons are always fighting and trying to beat each other either to the door or to the car. **quick funny story** cale & jaz were racing to the car when the movie was over and cale decided that sliding down the rail would be more efficient and for sure be the winning strategy. lets just say that i died laughing when his somersaults came to a halting stop thanks to a big ‘ol bumper. omg the funniest thing!**


if you have kiddos, take them to see monkey kingdom, it was so cute! and very educational too!


6 months

6 months, you guys! you can read our wedding countdown post {here}


cale is so sweet, he got me a little 6 month out gift. eep, i can’t wait to marry him!


we had to boogie down to the airport to get this goof on a plane to go see gramma jo & famous dave {cale’s parents} in california!


always goofing around.


see ya later baby girl! have fun on the beaches!


when you drop off an “unaccompanied minor” you have to wait at the gate until the plane is in the air which means SELFIE TIME! thanks for the fake smile, turd!


yum, skillet diner for lunch! their cobb salad is amazing!


the sun was unreal this weekend! even the pups were smiling!


soooooo this is a bit personal but i know some women can relate and give me a little pity party…two words. brazilian. wax. oh my jeezus..ouch!


i needed a drink after that torture so we went to one of my favorite bars, kangaroo & kiwi!


we had a dinner date with this munchkin and her mama & papa! goodness gracious eloise, why are you so darn cute?!


as always we played some games and i suck.


so this happened. misha was pumping and cale was super curious. there’s also a video…it’s disturbing.



we had an appointment in downtown seattle and came across this intense chess match. he was so serious!


we picked out cale’s suit for the wedding!!!!


so excited to marry this man! he looked so dapper in his suit!


after the appointment we went and got a piroshky and sun bathed. this adorable man was doing laps around the park and it was the cutest thing!

IMG_8191 IMG_8197

so much sun!!!!


you can never to to pike place market and not get flowers.


he carries my purse and shopping bags because he’s awesome and saw me struggling haha. the bouquet was seriously just as big as me!


we met up with cale’s highschool buddies and apparently i was famished. filet mignon & a huge lobster tail… i’m from texas…this girl can eat!

holy moly! this weekend was so busy!!! i’m exahausted!
but it was so nice to just have this weekend to enjoy cale’s company and spend all day with him. the sun made it that much better! it has been so gorgeous the past few days!!! keep it coming seattle!
my golden birthday is friday, 24 on the 24th. so this weekend should be fun too!

what did you do?!


wedding countdown

6 months

6 months!

yay yay yay! it’s getting closer & closer!
this past month has been the busiest one yet! and each day closer makes me so freaking excited! everything is coming together perfectly and i’m just ready to marry my goofy ass soulmate!

i went to texas to pick up my dress, you can read all about that weekend {here}! i had the best time socially but technically, it was a “business” trip as cale calls it.
6 months is not a long time, you guys. it’s 183 days to be exact. when we got engaged it was over 600 days until our wedding…never will i ever recommend long engagements. don’t do it.

don’t forget to check out our wedding website // {}

previous wedding countdowns // {10 months}   {9 months}   {8 months}   {7 months}

this month we:

  • met with our invitation designer to design the most elegant/beautiful/fancy wedding invitations ever! i’m seriously swooning over these! new vendors will be listed below.
  • PICKED UP MY GORGEOUS WEDDING GOWN! oh my goodness, oh my goodness!! wait till you see her!!!
  • met with hair & makeup for a trial run. love love love them!
  • met up with my amazing coordinator {kristin catter events} to talk about all the little details. uplighting, welcome table decor, toasts, dances, etc.
  • ordered some wedding favors for the guests and my bridesmaids.
  • cale finally got his wedding band in! woohoo!
  • added some little touches from a sister vendor of our florist.
  • we both booked our flights for our bachelor/bachelorette parties! so excited for those!!


{new vendors are in pink}

so when i had originally posted our engagement feature {here} i only included the outfits on the waterfront. i was asked by so many people if i was going to share my other outfit since i had mentioned it.
we didn’t do a cutesy photo shoot for this countdown, since we were so incredibly busy this past month. so here is our more casual outfit around pike place market.

10497454_10203576274838897_3998103593243588024_o10583805_10203576295599416_7235147142883140468_n 10563217_10203576301399561_2659223660789562566_n 10559943_10203576301479563_3096488467848466695_n 10577205_10203576300679543_8914926920677152373_n 10557297_10203576300719544_1552486013508121959_n 10599131_10203576300479538_3007836859433503690_n 10565089_10203576299839522_95149841480297561_n 10534620_10203576299799521_5055990582680939586_n 10532381_10203576298439487_3514239581310666318_n 10523729_10203576298359485_7856254252749995297_n 10405682_10203576298399486_4357643911312405816_n 10603746_10203576297439462_5378808744188681359_n 10481709_10203576297359460_8353912297344712751_n 10606212_10203576296599441_7487567071970713228_n 10534620_10203576296559440_2328311352313966870_n 10174827_10203576296639442_6932941645407477168_n 10603541_10203576295719419_7920775767756905118_n

photos by misty sims photography.