H A P P Y  E A S T E R !

just a quick update: i am still currently in texas but i will be leaving today at 6 pm. i am about to dive into a big ol table of crawfish! yummy! i have never had crawfish before so this is going to be interesting. i’ll let y’all know how it goes tomorrow in “our weekend adventures”.

as you know, i hosted my very first giveaway and it ended this friday at midnight.
i am so flattered and humbled by the amount of entries. you guys rock!

and the winner is…….



CONGRATULATIONS, GIRL! and thank you so much for entering.
please respond to my email at your earliest convenience to redeem your prizes. if you guys have a chance to check out her blog {} please do so! it’s such a great blog.

thank y’all so much for entering. i hope that i keep all of you as followers. i promise i’m pretty entertaining. haha
i love all of you so so much!

here is how i chose a winner. let’s give a little round of applause for my little helper miss avery tate. **clap clap clap**

IMG_7988 i wrote down each contestant along with the number of entries each person got.IMG_7990 then i wrote {technically i had a friend write them down} the numbers on each piece of paper. example: jess entered the giveaway 3 times her number is 1, i wrote three number 1 on three pieces of paper. IMG_7991then we stuck them all in a cute little easter basket…
IMG_7992 isn’t miss avery the cutest! love her, thanks for drawing sweetie! IMG_7995 lucky number 10!!!

eeeeep! congratulations again, Morgan!

i hope every one has a great rest of their easter sunday.



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