our weekend adventures

hi again, guess where i’m at…36,000 feet in the air. but this time in first class…ooooo fancyyyyy. lol so my nerves a little bit more at ease.

i can’t even begin to tell y’all how much fun i had while i was in texas! i had a lot of appointments but i got to see so many people. i wish i could have seen more but i just didn’t have time.

i will admit that i didn’t take near as many pictures of my “adventures” that i would have liked to but that’s okay i can just tell y’all.
so this one starts off on wednesday because that’s when my trip started! there’s a little bonus at the end of this so read it all!


IMG_7882 a mimosa before my flight was necessary.

IMG_7883  look at these noms. seattle-tacoma airport has ridulously good food! salmon egg scramble…omg. IMG_7885 first thing i ate when i got into town…fried pickles! not that seattle doesn’t have them, these are just crazy delicious. IMG_7890 that night i went out to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday {happy belated, hannah!} say hi to my best friend, preslee!


thursday morning i had breakfast with an old friend at mimas {aka, the best taco place ever} i scarfed my tacos so fast that i totally forgot to take a picture lol

texasIMG_7899 after i left mimas i got to meet up with my big sissy and nephew! look at those cheeks!!! i can’t wait to see him in his little suit for my wedding!

IMG_7900 the ring club texas3 the soon to be mrs. dance. eeeeeep so excited for her wedding! texas1 ms. ruby…you are the unicorn to my sunshine, i love you so so much! IMG_7910 the big pitt at the salt lick results in this…IMG_7909 the service might have been horrible but oh my mama jamma! we just couldn’t stop eating. we had what we like to call the food abs. that’s where your tummy is so full it’s rock hard. yeah, get you one of those!


friday morning we had an appointment with the inviting pear to discuss and design our invitations…can you say elegant?! oh my goodness, i love them!

IMG_7946 {!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}
i finally got to go pick up my dress! she is such a beauty! gahhhh….I CAN’T WAIT!

IMG_7947guys…we had a hard time finding a seat to watch 50 shades of grey… IMG_7948 i got to get my favorite! pickle and cheese!!!! yumm! did y’all know that in seattle, no movie theatre sell pickles. i’m being serious.

texas4 later that night i got to go out for a little while with some friends! i miss this so much!
texas5 soo…there was a parrot at the bar i was at…how cool! can you tell i’m crazy excited lol


early saturday morning i had my wedding trial for hair & makeup…they knew exactly what i wanted and made me so excited to be all dolled up for my wedding! i’ll tell y’all who i am booking in my next wedding countdown post!

IMG_5516 saturday evening was one of my best friend’s engagement party! i will be sharing more {a lot more} sometime this week! i can’t wait for her wedding! this is basically how i really am, never serious.

IMG_7980here’s a better picture of what i wore! i love this dress you can find it {here}
IMG_7976 prom picture!


texas6 love this girl! sunday morning we got up and helped prepare for a crawfish boil!

IMG_7995 did y’all see i chose i winner for my giveaway?! technically, miss avery did. you can see who won {here} and what i gave away {here}

IMG_7998 first time! oh my goodness so delicious!!!! i sucked the head and everything! get your mind out of the gutters, people!

IMG_7999ahhhh geez, sorry for the scary no-makeup face!
IMG_8006 yes, those are craw fish on my fingers.

IMG_8010 props to the mega chef! thanks brad!!! sorry we cut all your veggies wrong…whoopsie!

IMG_8013 leaving texas is always bitter sweet. i hate leaving my friends & family but i missed my two goons at home so much. flying first class though, made it just a little bit sweeter…why have i not been doing this?!

this trip was by far the best trip down i’ve had. i got so much wedding stuff done and just had some good plain fun! thank you everyone who always makes me feel special and loved! i love all of you 10 times more!
i’ll see you in july, tejas!

oh, did you think i was done?
papa bear & baby bear’s weekend adventures


FullSizeRenderjaz had crazy hair day on friday and cale had a haircut on thursday night so the ladies did jaz’s hair for the next day…
IMG_2156 hahahaha! cale likes to really edit his photos, sorry about that haha.

IMG_3481 apparently cale had a great day at work… these were brought to him…wth! they look delicious!


IMG_2186.JPG it was visiting week at jaz’s dance school. she is such a string bean!

IMG_7747 look who went shopping…tisk tisk. and he says i’m bad!!!

IMG_2199 one thing you should know about my fiancé, is that he loves to do home projects. he made this vacuum thermoforming {did i say that right, honey?} thing… jaz helped! he’s pretty handy.

IMG_9582we have been having a lot of solicitors lately so we got a “no soliciting sign”… it’s so tiny though! haha i should probably read measurements before i buy stuff.
IMG_4223 hahahahah see!

easter sunday

IMG_8017 i think jaz tore into her easter basket {that was hidden in her bathtub} before cale could get a picture. every year we hide her basket…i mean the easter bunny hides her basket and she has to find it!

IMG_2217 i am so so proud of this picture! my honey made this mickey mouse pancake! he can’t boil water but he can make this?! i’m going to have to put him in the kitchen more often! he also made a very, very inappropriate one of the male anatomy…i’ll just delete that one from my phone…

IMG_0852 this was my, “see you soon momma, love you” text before i boarded.

so there you have it! our very long, weekend adventures!
i can’t wait to share more on the engagement party! so stay tuned!

i hope everyone had a great easter weekend!


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