taylor & dylan’s engagement party

while i was in texas and one of the main reasons i went down there was to attend one of my best friends engagement party! since i am one of her bridesmaids and only get to go down every so often, she kindly planned this party around me since i was coming down to get my dress. woohoo!

a little back story on tay & i.
i met her at my 19th birthday at my house. preslee had asked if it was okay if her friend stopped by and i said sure, the more the merrier! the first thought i had was; holy crap she is gorgeous, look at that ass, anddddd she’s sweet?! c’mon lady, give us other girls a chance!

taylor and dylan are perfect for each other! the two most sweetest people you could meet and they found each other on a whim. it’s crazy how the world brings you together with your soul mate.
their wedding is set for september 26, 2015 and i am honored to have been chosen to stand by taylor’s side.
i can’t wait!!!

a lot of these are more personal pictures of taylor and dylan’s family but they are too beautiful not to share. so this post is really just to share the photos with everyone rather than my typical posts where i explain each and every one. a gallery, if you will.

meet the beautiful couple!


IMG_5349 IMG_5357 IMG_5355 IMG_5351 IMG_5354


obsessed with this one! dylan’s father is one of the sweetest & funniest men!
IMG_5388 IMG_5386 IMG_5381 IMG_5379 IMG_5398 IMG_5464 IMG_5460

 i think they look so much alike!IMG_5452 IMG_5446

going to be such a lady killer!


stop it right now!!!!

IMG_5437 IMG_5435

 auntie taylor stealing all the snuggles!


 momma newton and her baby!


IMG_5500 IMG_5506

sorry tay had to slip these in here! lol

IMG_5512 IMG_5520 IMG_5517

i love this girl. so excited for your big day!


IMG_5521 IMG_5533

 the bridesmaids!
from left to right: lauren, hannah, taylor, me, preslee & candice
that’s a good looking bunch!
IMG_5530 IMG_5529 IMG_5526 IMG_5524 IMG_5522

IMG_5535 IMG_5537

the guys may or may not have taken a better picture than us…whatevs.

IMG_5539 IMG_5564

 a bunch of engaged women! woohoo for fall weddings!!! september, october & november are going to be amazing! IMG_5568 IMG_5558 IMG_5554 IMG_5552 IMG_5551 IMG_5548 IMG_5543 IMG_5542 IMG_5540

IMG_5597 IMG_5657 IMG_5645 IMG_5638

 silly picture!!! IMG_5632

 the whole gang! IMG_5626 IMG_5623 IMG_5611 IMG_5601 IMG_5599


cheers to these two love birds! you guys are too perfect each other!

love you both.

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