our weekend adventures


IMG_8053 it was national siblings day and here are all of mine! from oldest to youngest, veronica, monica, jackie, me!, kasandra & gabriel. veronica and monica are from my madre {yes, it’s veronica, monica & jessica. we’re the -ica sisters} and then jackie, kasandra and gabriel are from my padre. no full siblings for me, all halfsies.

IMG_8063 these papers are everywhere in my house. i swear it’s like jaz poops them or something! the life of a grade school mom….sigh.

IMG_8064 welllll… since i’m not counting every calorie anymore praying to fit into my wedding dress, i’m splurging a wee bit. five guys really hit the spot!
{after a few giggles, i debated on leaving that little excerpt in there…hehehe}


IMG_8071 for some reason i was really craving menudo.

IMG_8074 cale didn’t go into work so he got to cruise around with us during our normal saturday shenanigans! woohoo!

IMG_8077 the epitome of fatherhood to a 6 year old girl. you’d be surprised at how long he actually leaves them on there.

IMG_8080 look who finally got his ring back, sized correctly and brushed! bring on the wedding!

IMG_8081 i love when we go to our jeweler because they just take my ring and make her super sparkly! she is so pretty when she’s all cleaned up!

IMG_8088 a violation warning from the hoa means it’s time to clean up the winter wreckage! i got to plant all my pretty annuals and it looks like my hydrangeas have some buds poking out! yippee!!

IMG_8092 this girl’s flights are all booked up to come to seattle in june for THE shania twain!!! hell yesssss!!

IMG_8095 did i mention i’m splurging a bit?


IMG_8097 crepes and hot cocoa before our movie.

IMG_8101 home…meh. it wasn’t as funny as i thought it was going to be. but jaz loved it so i guess that’s all that really matters haha

IMG_8102 moms…you feel me.

IMG_8103 meal prepping for the week. just waiting to add the chicken, avocados and eggs.

IMG_8105 finished the night with blogging and GAME OF THRONES! eeeeeeeeep! i am so excited it’s back!

obviously, our saturday was super busy! and our sunday kind of was too. i did relax a bit though, i’ve been sick since last thursday. safe to say, that cold is long gone…i think.

i hope everyone had a great weekend!


9 thoughts on “our weekend adventures

  1. I only have half siblings too! My sisters and I’s names all start with a K. Omg, your jeweler did amazing!! Can I come in to the outs now? haha, my daughter didn’t like Home. She’s attracted to music more than anything at her age. I’m excited for you to get married! How many more months?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i think the way he talked is what i didn’t like about it. gah i’m so critical of an animated film haha. how old is your daughter??
      and 6 months & 5 days!!! i am so so so excited! I can’t wait to share pictures with y’all!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. haha, I had to really think to untwist his words! As long as the kiddies have fun (:
        She’s 14 months (: and awwwh! that’ll come in no time! can’t wait to see pictures!

        Liked by 1 person

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