wedding countdown

6 months

6 months!

yay yay yay! it’s getting closer & closer!
this past month has been the busiest one yet! and each day closer makes me so freaking excited! everything is coming together perfectly and i’m just ready to marry my goofy ass soulmate!

i went to texas to pick up my dress, you can read all about that weekend {here}! i had the best time socially but technically, it was a “business” trip as cale calls it.
6 months is not a long time, you guys. it’s 183 days to be exact. when we got engaged it was over 600 days until our wedding…never will i ever recommend long engagements. don’t do it.

don’t forget to check out our wedding website // {}

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this month we:

  • met with our invitation designer to design the most elegant/beautiful/fancy wedding invitations ever! i’m seriously swooning over these! new vendors will be listed below.
  • PICKED UP MY GORGEOUS WEDDING GOWN! oh my goodness, oh my goodness!! wait till you see her!!!
  • met with hair & makeup for a trial run. love love love them!
  • met up with my amazing coordinator {kristin catter events} to talk about all the little details. uplighting, welcome table decor, toasts, dances, etc.
  • ordered some wedding favors for the guests and my bridesmaids.
  • cale finally got his wedding band in! woohoo!
  • added some little touches from a sister vendor of our florist.
  • we both booked our flights for our bachelor/bachelorette parties! so excited for those!!


{new vendors are in pink}

so when i had originally posted our engagement feature {here} i only included the outfits on the waterfront. i was asked by so many people if i was going to share my other outfit since i had mentioned it.
we didn’t do a cutesy photo shoot for this countdown, since we were so incredibly busy this past month. so here is our more casual outfit around pike place market.

10497454_10203576274838897_3998103593243588024_o10583805_10203576295599416_7235147142883140468_n 10563217_10203576301399561_2659223660789562566_n 10559943_10203576301479563_3096488467848466695_n 10577205_10203576300679543_8914926920677152373_n 10557297_10203576300719544_1552486013508121959_n 10599131_10203576300479538_3007836859433503690_n 10565089_10203576299839522_95149841480297561_n 10534620_10203576299799521_5055990582680939586_n 10532381_10203576298439487_3514239581310666318_n 10523729_10203576298359485_7856254252749995297_n 10405682_10203576298399486_4357643911312405816_n 10603746_10203576297439462_5378808744188681359_n 10481709_10203576297359460_8353912297344712751_n 10606212_10203576296599441_7487567071970713228_n 10534620_10203576296559440_2328311352313966870_n 10174827_10203576296639442_6932941645407477168_n 10603541_10203576295719419_7920775767756905118_n

photos by misty sims photography.

9 thoughts on “wedding countdown

  1. OMG Jess, agree with others – these are cute pictures! But you both are cute together. And the venue – OMG, how pretty is that! Love the VILLA (of course our hispanic version) – I thought for a minute that you were running off to Europe! LOL

    Oh and I haven’t forgotten (still am getting you tickets for Mariners – do you need 3?) I’ve just been doing lots of doctor appts. lately, plus they just got the home games back. I’ll email you as soon as I get a set, or email me and I’ll send you my phone number as well. I look forward to having you join us!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. right! i am so in love with our venue! we couldn’t afford to book it for Saturday so instead we are having a Sunday wedding! haha i couldn’t believe that this was Texas either when i first saw it but it is and gosh i love it!

      and no worries! this is all on your time! thank you again for offering this to us, we are so excited to go and meet you! 3 would be awesome but if you can only do two that is great too! we can find a sitter 🙂 Thanks again for offering this, Laura, it is incredibly generous of you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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