our weekend adventures



we ventured out for a late night movie and these goons are always fighting and trying to beat each other either to the door or to the car. **quick funny story** cale & jaz were racing to the car when the movie was over and cale decided that sliding down the rail would be more efficient and for sure be the winning strategy. lets just say that i died laughing when his somersaults came to a halting stop thanks to a big ‘ol bumper. omg the funniest thing!**


if you have kiddos, take them to see monkey kingdom, it was so cute! and very educational too!


6 months

6 months, you guys! you can read our wedding countdown post {here}


cale is so sweet, he got me a little 6 month out gift. eep, i can’t wait to marry him!


we had to boogie down to the airport to get this goof on a plane to go see gramma jo & famous dave {cale’s parents} in california!


always goofing around.


see ya later baby girl! have fun on the beaches!


when you drop off an “unaccompanied minor” you have to wait at the gate until the plane is in the air which means SELFIE TIME! thanks for the fake smile, turd!


yum, skillet diner for lunch! their cobb salad is amazing!


the sun was unreal this weekend! even the pups were smiling!


soooooo this is a bit personal but i know some women can relate and give me a little pity party…two words. brazilian. wax. oh my jeezus..ouch!


i needed a drink after that torture so we went to one of my favorite bars, kangaroo & kiwi!


we had a dinner date with this munchkin and her mama & papa! goodness gracious eloise, why are you so darn cute?!


as always we played some games and i suck.


so this happened. misha was pumping and cale was super curious. there’s also a video…it’s disturbing.



we had an appointment in downtown seattle and came across this intense chess match. he was so serious!


we picked out cale’s suit for the wedding!!!!


so excited to marry this man! he looked so dapper in his suit!


after the appointment we went and got a piroshky and sun bathed. this adorable man was doing laps around the park and it was the cutest thing!

IMG_8191 IMG_8197

so much sun!!!!


you can never to to pike place market and not get flowers.


he carries my purse and shopping bags because he’s awesome and saw me struggling haha. the bouquet was seriously just as big as me!


we met up with cale’s highschool buddies and apparently i was famished. filet mignon & a huge lobster tail… i’m from texas…this girl can eat!

holy moly! this weekend was so busy!!! i’m exahausted!
but it was so nice to just have this weekend to enjoy cale’s company and spend all day with him. the sun made it that much better! it has been so gorgeous the past few days!!! keep it coming seattle!
my golden birthday is friday, 24 on the 24th. so this weekend should be fun too!

what did you do?!


3 thoughts on “our weekend adventures

  1. Haha my husband hatessssssssssss to carry my purse. Mostly because when he tries to give it back in a public place I say loudly “I don’t want to carry your purse!” Hehe. Bet you miss your girl. How long is she gone!?

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