beautiful blogger award

happy hump day everybody!

first, i just want to apologize for my lack of posts. to be quite honest, i am so overwhelmed. i’m taking on two roles concurrently at my job right now, usually i either do payroll OR the accounting side but for the next two weeks i’ll be wearing both hats. it’s an extreme amount of pressure. meh. wedding details are drowning me, we’ve officially doubled our budget and i just keep thinking that, that could be a down payment on a new house. our weekends are filling up and i can’t get to any diy’s i want to do and I’M JUST FREAKING OUT! haha

the point of that vent sesh was just to say sorry. i will be back soon enough with all my little fun posts.
i blog for fun, not to get paid, not to get sponsored, and not to get attention. it’s seriously my outlet and i don’t want this to become something i stress over too.

okay! woe is me time is over.

among my hectic week last week i got a comment notification from the ever so sweet emily, over on {by emily}, nominating me for the beautiful blogger award! this really made my day and i am so grateful to have such wonderful followers! i love these awards and it makes the blogger community i am in that much more awesome! i follow and am followed by some amazing women and i love that we can encourage each other to keep being awesome! thank you for the nomination, emily, y’all should definitely go check out her blog!

here are the rules: 

* display the award logo on your blog.

* thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.

* nominate 7 other bloggers for the award.

* let them know they have been nominated.

seven things about me:

  • when i’m nervous or bored i’ll play with my hair. i have a special twirl that’s specific to be nervous/anxious or bored.
  • my golden birthday is friday! turning 24 on the 24th yippee!
  • i am terrified to drive. this is a new thing…i literally woke up one day and i was scared to drive. trusting other people with my daughter and family’s lives is too intense for me.
  • my childhood nickname is bingie. apparently my mom used to put me on her knee and say “bingie…bingie…bingie” so i guess it just stuck. so if you hear my mom call me that at my wedding, welp that’s why. my papa thought it was so hilarious when he would “accidentally” call me dingy. ha….ha!
  • outer space freaks me out. it never ends! we are just a speckle in the gigantic universe! how that doesn’t blow everyone’s mind is beyond me!
  • i can watch selenaarmageddontitanic, now & then, hocus pocus & practical magic over and over and over again. love them!
  • i can’t burp. it’s awful. i don’t burp but i can, what i like to call…urp. it’s basically just like a gurgle of air bubbles. it kind of sounds like a dinosaur. it’s strange and i envy everyone who can belch the alphabet. that’s like one of my dreams…haha kidding. sometimes i burp on accident and it’s like christmas.

my beautiful nominees:

i know that’s only 5…sue me.

make sure you check out each of these lady’s blogs and especially emily’s!

i’ll say it over & over. thank you a million times for supporting me!

great big hugs

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