our weekend adventures


IMG_8276 friday was my by 24th birthday! a whole year older. yippee!

IMG_8253 my coworkers are so sweet. not only did they decorate my office but they also held a little luncheon with our other coworkers.

IMG_8279 i’m seriously so grateful for everyone in my life. while i was talking boring work stuff with another coworker in her office, i turned around and my honey was standing there with a bouquet of roses, my favorite whole foods cake and an adorable card. he is so sweet and thoughtful! it made my day so much more special!

IMG_8285 IMG_8286 and my day just gets better and better! i came home from work to balloons and a sweet chalk message. i have the sweetest neighbors, y’all! thank you so much to becky and her adorable children! i loved it! the homeowners association may have some words though… ;).

IMG_8293 obligatory bathroom picture.

IMG_8294 to no one’s surprise…i love red meat. i can eat a steak like no one’s business! mmmm! we have tried the metropolitan grill and love them but i decided i wanted to try a new steakhouse. daniel’s broiler on lake union was the weiner!

IMG_8298cheers to birthdays, love and life!

IMG_8296 seared ahi to start….

IMG_8303 filet mignon topped with dungeness crab smothered in a delectable béarnaise atop grilled asparagus with garlic mash potatoes. damn, did i sell that or did i sell that!

IMG_8304 the restaurant surprised me with dessert…i actually didn’t eat any of it but a strawberry…uhm did you see my main course?

IMG_8310 IMG_8305i’m ready for 25.

IMG_8312 after dinner we decided to stay but move to the piano bar and listen to the awesome pianist! he lured us in when he was playing mario bros. and i’m pretty sure…lots of champagne… that he played bohemian rhapsody for me before we left. haha.

IMG_8313 this gorgeous woman was sitting at the piano bar when we walked up and was all dolled up! low and behold it was her birthday too! she was so adorable!

that about summed up our night…other than the quick trip to a dive bar where i forced other girls out onto the dance floor. ay yi yi {face palm}


IMG_8336 we had to wake up early to go pick up our mina girl! this little girl got to go to disneyland….what the hell! i want to go to disneyland! she had this little present waiting for me. i can’t wait to share it with y’all later.

IMG_8337 we came straight home after we picked jaz up from the airport… in case you missed my post yesterday, {here} is what my day was like. and because that is how i felt all day, i had to order my groceries to be delivered. this is the epitome of laziness…. i paid over $30 for $15 worth of food. i needed it within a hour and i wasn’t moving. instacart is the bomb!

IMG_8338 i may have stayed in bed all day bit at least i got some wedding shenanigans out of the way. invitation wording…yay!!!!!

IMG_8339 blogged a little while watching the bruce jenner special. and i will just say this…good on you, bruce. it is unfortunate that he is a celebrity and has to deal with the ridiculous scrutiny of all the stupid people in this world. i can’t wait to see what he looks like as “her”.

IMG_8340 cale went and met up with some of his groomsmen to discuss his bachelor party in 2 weeks so i begged him to stop at our froyo place on his way home. extra strawberries and cheesecake please!


IMG_8343 say good morning to princess lulu everyone. she’s laying right in between cale’s legs using his bum as a pillow {he’s on his stomach}. she cracks me up!

IMG_8344 it was time to clean all my babies and the beads that are in my brush holder. what y’alls favorite brush cleaner?

well that’s where my day ended picture wise. we got to cleaning and getting ready for cale’s granny and auntie bev to stop by for dinner and my phone was left upstairs. no phone, no pictures.

i hope everyone had a great weekend!
this will be a good blog week! stay tuned!


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