sorry i suck….

i know i promised an eventful blog this week….but i lied.
i’m boring, and stressed, and crazy busy.
so here’s this…it’s not just for fashion bloggers but for all bloggers. ask my fiance…this is me when i’m trying to crank out a post.

i have a few recipes, some cinco de mayo treats and reviews that i will be posting about very soon. i’m not promising because apparently i can’t keep those.

a very apologetic/boring blogger

2 thoughts on “sorry i suck….

  1. This is PERFECT my dear Jess. I can so feel some of the photos as well – especially the “what I think I do” and “what I really do” (Michael has that issue with me as well).
    But we totally understand – you actually have a life (and real work) – we are just having to stalk you periodically! HEE HEE


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