wimberley strong

wimberley strong

hey you guys, i apologize for the lack of posts this week. i had a full one full of recipes that i wanted to share but i just couldn’t bring myself to post anything on here or facebook that wasn’t related to my poor hometown of wimberley.

as you know, that is if you don’t live under a rock, central texas was hit hard memorial day weekend with storms, tornadoes and flooding. the place that i practically grew up (adolescent years…most important) was devastated. completely ripped to shreds. a lot of my high school friends and classmates lost the home that they were raised in. a lot of people lost their pets, their businesses and some even lost their lives. i am deepy saddened by this tragedy and want to do everything in my power to help my fellow wimberley folk.

but being in seattle, there is only so much i can do. so what do i have that i can take advantage of to help my hometown?
i have the most loyal and generous followers and i rarely ask for favors but i am asking you all today,
please consider donating to the little town of wimberley or san marcos. buy a shirt(s), donate $5 to each gofundme accounts (if capable) or if you live in texas, think about taking a road trip and donate your time to help rebuild a wonderful little town.

below are some ways that you can help out.

buy this shirt…

like this facebook page to keep up with all updates from the community.

Wimberley Flood 2015 – Facebook

donate to some or all of these gofundme accounts…all are legit.


if you live in texas, consider going to this on
june 20, 2015 @ 3PM
730 west stassney ln.
austin, tx 78745

flood benefit

or this

june 7, 2015
the marc
120 e. san antonio st.
san marcos, tx 78666

blue october

again, thank y’all for being so kind, loyal and understanding.
you are so very much appreciated.


our weekend adventures


IMG_8688 friday’s ootd
blouse // this boutique doesn’t have a website but {here} is their facebook page!
jeans // {here}
shoes // {here}

IMG_8691 some of my girlfriends / neighbors took me out to dinner in lieu of a bridal shower! so sweet of them to do this, it really made me feel special!

IMG_8695 IMG_8697 mmmmmm foood! the dessert was peanut butter cheesecake and oh my god! heaven!

IMG_8711 yeah so dinner quickly turned into a mini-bachelorette… i had way too much fun! the latest i’ve ever stayed out since i’ve lived in seattle.

thank you again becky, jessica and megan. i am so lucky to live around and have friends like y’all! yay for mommies night out!


IMG_8712 and crumbs everywhere… eep!

IMG_8714 basically how i spent my day because of the night before. chandler bing was really curious as to what was happening on my newsfeed.

seriously, saturday i stayed in bed all day.


IMG_8720 the morning time is the only time chandler comes and cuddles. he’ll weasel his way in and push lulu out…notice her pouting?… so we don’t miss the chance to brush him. he has a love hate relationship with the comb.

IMG_8724 this is what i walked into. he’s teaching our daughter how to play grand theft auto…cool….

monday – memorial day

IMG_8741 we had a lunch date with misha, aaron & this perfect little munchkin! we love us some eloise!

IMG_8745 dimsum…need i say more? delicious!

IMG_8747 i’ll wrap up our adventures with this turd.

everyone, please…

IMG_8737 before i went to bed saturday night, i kept seeing warnings of flash flood/tornadoes for my hometown and where i used to live.
i woke up to devastation.
my heart broke more and more as i kept scrolling through my newsfeed. so many people lost their entire homes, gone…swept from their slabs and destroyed to nothing.
i feel so helpless all the way up here in seattle but all of my thoughts and well wishes are with my friends and family affected by this desolation.

below are all of the gofundme’s that my friends and people from the wimberley community have created.
please take a minute to read their stories, and if you are able, maybe make a small contribution.

the list goes on and on.
please send your prayers and thoughts to central texas.

wedding countdown

5 months

5 months!

hold the phone…it’s already been a month? what the hell!! our weeks have been so busy that time is just flying by!
wedding dreams are on full force. sometimes they’re good but it usually ends with me waking up pissed that my florist didn’t set up the altar right. i’m such a control freak all i know is that somebody better slip me some xanax to calm the eff down. {just kidding}

isn’t this little dish darlin’? we found them at homegoods! i’m obsessed with everything mr & mrs!

i have fully integrated our ‘mywedding.com’ wedding website with my blogsite. so if you go to my little tabbies at the top and hover over ‘a wedding’, a bunch of pages will pop up and you can browse them there! if you just click “a wedding” it’ll take you to the posts that i’ve tagged with ‘a wedding’.
was that confusing? i hope not!

previous wedding countdowns // {10 months}   {9 months}   {8 months}
{7 months}   {6 months}

this month we:

  • chose the wording for our invitations
  • 2 more bridesmaids went and got their dress. we have 3 outta 6! almost!
  • ordered cale’s suit and chose the suits for his groomsmen. we are not doing tuxedos. bleghhh too frumpy.
  • added some fun stuff from our videographer… it’s going to be so much fun!!
  • chose the rehearsal lunch venue.
  • changed the dinner from a buffet to a family style dinner. that way no one has to get up to get their food.


our weekend adventures


IMG_8590 friday morning i was woken up by these two freaks. lulu likes to sleep in but chandler is an early riser so he makes sure to wake his sister up in the most annoying way possible.

IMG_8597 cale was out of town for his bachelor party, so it was just me and this nugget. laying on mama & head scratches always does the trick.


IMG_8605 i stayed in leggings and an oversized t-shirt all day… i was a real looker, y’all.

IMG_8612 seriously, these two are idiots.


IMG_8617 jazmyne was invited to one of her classmate’s birthday party and this poor kid was the only boy there. hehe so fun!

IMG_8618 i was feeling lucky on my way home from dropping jaz off at the party, so i stopped and got a scratch off…AND WON $50! woop go me.

welllllll…. that was a pretty boring weekend. i really thought that i was going to get so much done but i was wrong…so so wrong. cale left thursday for his double bachelor party in vegas so it was just me. i forgot how hard it is to be a single mom. goodness, i am so grateful i have cale.
so we did nothing. and that is perfectly fine.

i hope everyone had a great weekend!


a suit for spring

happy tuesday!
so with my recent move to the main building at my job, i had to up my professional wardrobe.
everything i usually buy is work friendly but because i will be around the public during all hours i needed to up the anti a bit.
so i took a little trip to express and the limited and went a bit crazy.

i saw this cropped pant suit online and loved it and kept thinking how great it would be for spring!
if you’re looking for professional and fashionable attire, i would definitely suggest express, the limited, banana republic and ann taylor. those are my main “go-to” places.

thank you to my mini for wanting to shoot these for me!





IMG_5899 IMG_5918 IMG_5914

cropped pant suit // jacket {here} cropped pants {here}
v-neck shirt // {here}
shoes // similar {here}
necklace // similar {here}
renegade bracelet // {here}
michael kors watch // {here}

our weekend adventures


IMG_8462 thursday and friday was moving day at work for me… wahhhhh…. just kidding. i think i’m going to like it much better being with other co-workers my age. plus now i’m more accessible to people that need me and my services…that sounds weird.

IMG_8472 IMG_8473 cale’s sister, also one of my bridesmaids, came to seattle for a long weekend. so we got to have dinner with her! i think i’m marrying into a fabulous family. hehe

IMG_8477 mina loves her auntie berit!


IMG_8480 woke up to a bat kitty!

IMG_8481 dance class…these are new…way to go alderwood dance spectrum!

IMG_8485 saturday’s ootd
gingham shirt // {here}
kendra scott necklace // {here}

IMG_8486 cale told me to go pamper myself and that’s exactly what i did! some alone time and a mani/pedi = awesome day!

IMG_8488 plus a little bit of retail therapy….ahhhh yisssss!

IMG_8497 a nice lunch with some vino! ya know, as you get older, eating by yourself is no longer embarrassing. instead, it’s peaceful. some tranquility is so nice when your days are so busy.

IMG_8499 i let jaz do my hair… you think i can hire her to do my wedding?

mother’s day!

IMG_8502 so thankful for this little minion! being a mommy is the best job in the world. but being a mommy to this girl makes it the most special!
thank you for making me a mommy and the woman i am today.
i love you to the moon and back, sweet girl.

IMG_8505 so goofy!

IMG_8510 celebratin’ my mommyness in a cute little cafe in seattle!

IMG_8511 oh my noms!

IMG_8558 sunday’s ootd
blouse // {here}
jacket // {here}
shoes // similar {here}

IMG_8527 after brunch we headed to the big ferris wheel where cale propesed last year on mother’s day… mother’s day was on the 11th last year so it wasn’t quite our engage-aversary yet.

IMG_8529 but we decided to re-create our picture last year when we reached the very top! i can’t believe i’ve been engaged for a year now! time flies!

IMG_8530 sole reason i’m marrying this man. i make the best ugliest faces ever! no shame.

IMG_8542 our little family. if cale actually smiled this could have been so cute!

IMG_8545 who am i kidding…why would we ever take a cute picture when we can take THESE pictures instead! we are awesome.

IMG_8555 oh hai there mr. space needle.

IMG_8556 after the ferris wheel we decided to go get molly moons. yummmmm

IMG_8559 “welcome home hoomans”
she’s such a creep.

IMG_8560 and we ended such a great day with a family game of uno! cale won every single time…ugh.

this weekend was so full of awesomeness! i got to pamper myself all saturday and then again on sunday! cale did all the cleaning and all the laundry! including folding and hanging my things up! so so sweet!
and today marks exactly one year that he got down on one knee at the very tippy top of the ferris wheel and proposed! i can’t wait to marry you in 5 months, honey!!!
happy monday everyone! it’s going to be a great one!


the real neat blog award

a huge thank you to joy over on {styled with joy} for nominating me! big hugs and kisses!

the rules!

1) put the award logo on your blog.
2) answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
3) thank the person who nominated you, linking to their blog.
4) nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.
5) let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.)

here are joy’s questions:

1. What’s your most embarrassing moment?
oh man, it’s takes a lot to embarrass me. i’m usually the one doing weird crap… i honestly can’t think of one…eeeek sorry! 

2. What makes you laugh no matter what?
cat videos for sure.

3. What is the best TV show to binge watch on Netflix?
friends, sons of anarchy, gossip girl, game of thrones

4. Best ice cream in the world?
buttered pecan or just plain chocolate. yummmmm

5. What is a habit you want to stop?
drinking soda…it’s like an addiction.

6. Who are you most similar to: Rachel, Monica, or Phoebe?
oh goodness…i wish i could say rachel or phoebe but i’m too neurotic and ocd so i’m monica. 

7. Who would you want to date: Ross, Chandler, or Joey?
  probably chandler. he’s funny, i like funny. 

thanks again for the nomination, joy!
i need to go on another follow spree and find some good blogs so i will not be nominating anyone this go-round. not because i don’t think any of the people i follow / my followers are worthy of this award, i just really dislike nominating the same people over and over. it just doesn’t seem fair.
so don’t hate me 🙂