our weekend adventures


IMG_8375 wanna know why i’ve been so stressed? this is what payroll looks like for 300+ employees. this is just the leave/ot slips. shoot me!

IMG_8376 we had a dinner date with a couple friends to meet the newest addition to their precious family! ahhhhh! so cute!

IMG_8383 their first little love bug is our flower girl and jaz absolutely adores her!

IMG_8386 lola, their fur child, was so excited for new company!


IMG_8407 my mini.

IMG_8390 after dance jaz and i were famished so we stopped at the yummy panera. they changed the recipe for the broccoli cheese soup but it’s still amazing!

IMG_8393 what a goof!

IMG_8410 after i finished some errands i went and snagged cale from home so we could go mirror shopping {no luck} so we stopped for froyo on the way home.

IMG_8413 a little story about this cat named lulu. 3 months ago we adopted mr. chandler bing and lulu despised us. but we thought the protest of cuddles was the extent of her shenanigans. little did we know she was incredibly stressed and permeating the thickest oil from her skin, do you know what that causes? mattes, awful awful mattes. oh did i mention that because she is a b word she decided to stop grooming herself? so basically she was a walking matte. we made an appointment for her at our groomers and shamefully handed her over with our heads down. we felt like the most awful kitty parents ever! it was bad y’all. so bad that they had no choice but to shave her down to her skin, leaving her with this majestic lion’s cut. hahahah


IMG_8418 went to bed with my hair in a bun…woke up to this rat’s nest.

IMG_8421 ugh…salmon eggs benedict, my kryptonite.

IMG_8422 sunday’s cleaning sesh called for some good old classical music on pandora. i love listening to all renditions of canon!! i can’t wait to walk down the aisle to it!

IMG_8423 my pure barre package came! see that gorgeous teacher there on the cover? she’s the owner of all the seattle locations and boy does she kick some ass in class! so cool to see sami on the cover!

IMG_5741 it took him a day to finally realize that this new cat with the weird hair was actually lulu. haha

IMG_5756 poor loos tried everything to stay warm…even sun bathing didn’t work…

IMG_5782 so momma found her a sweater! ahhhh yessss!

so i do have a couple posts planned for this week but i just wanted to apologize again for being boring.
here’s a little insight on what just this month looks like for us and why i’m kinda freaking out. so. freaking. busy!!!

7 – moving into big building at work
8 – dinner with fam
10 – mother’s day
11 – one year engagement anniversary
14 – cale leaves for his double bachelor party in vegas {his groomsman is getting married too so they decided to combine them}
16 – jaz costume fitting for dance
18 – jaz cheer uniform fitting
22 – my sweet neighbors/girlfriends are taking me out to dinner in lieu of a bridal shower since i don’t want one. so sweet of them to do that!
29 – friend’s birthday in seattle
30 – jaz dance pictures

anyone want to switch places? geez louise!
enough about me, what did y’all get into this weekend?


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