our weekend adventures


IMG_8590 friday morning i was woken up by these two freaks. lulu likes to sleep in but chandler is an early riser so he makes sure to wake his sister up in the most annoying way possible.

IMG_8597 cale was out of town for his bachelor party, so it was just me and this nugget. laying on mama & head scratches always does the trick.


IMG_8605 i stayed in leggings and an oversized t-shirt all day… i was a real looker, y’all.

IMG_8612 seriously, these two are idiots.


IMG_8617 jazmyne was invited to one of her classmate’s birthday party and this poor kid was the only boy there. hehe so fun!

IMG_8618 i was feeling lucky on my way home from dropping jaz off at the party, so i stopped and got a scratch off…AND WON $50! woop go me.

welllllll…. that was a pretty boring weekend. i really thought that i was going to get so much done but i was wrong…so so wrong. cale left thursday for his double bachelor party in vegas so it was just me. i forgot how hard it is to be a single mom. goodness, i am so grateful i have cale.
so we did nothing. and that is perfectly fine.

i hope everyone had a great weekend!


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