our weekend adventures


IMG_8688 friday’s ootd
blouse // this boutique doesn’t have a website but {here} is their facebook page!
jeans // {here}
shoes // {here}

IMG_8691 some of my girlfriends / neighbors took me out to dinner in lieu of a bridal shower! so sweet of them to do this, it really made me feel special!

IMG_8695 IMG_8697 mmmmmm foood! the dessert was peanut butter cheesecake and oh my god! heaven!

IMG_8711 yeah so dinner quickly turned into a mini-bachelorette… i had way too much fun! the latest i’ve ever stayed out since i’ve lived in seattle.

thank you again becky, jessica and megan. i am so lucky to live around and have friends like y’all! yay for mommies night out!


IMG_8712 and crumbs everywhere… eep!

IMG_8714 basically how i spent my day because of the night before. chandler bing was really curious as to what was happening on my newsfeed.

seriously, saturday i stayed in bed all day.


IMG_8720 the morning time is the only time chandler comes and cuddles. he’ll weasel his way in and push lulu out…notice her pouting?… so we don’t miss the chance to brush him. he has a love hate relationship with the comb.

IMG_8724 this is what i walked into. he’s teaching our daughter how to play grand theft auto…cool….

monday – memorial day

IMG_8741 we had a lunch date with misha, aaron & this perfect little munchkin! we love us some eloise!

IMG_8745 dimsum…need i say more? delicious!

IMG_8747 i’ll wrap up our adventures with this turd.

everyone, please…

IMG_8737 before i went to bed saturday night, i kept seeing warnings of flash flood/tornadoes for my hometown and where i used to live.
i woke up to devastation.
my heart broke more and more as i kept scrolling through my newsfeed. so many people lost their entire homes, gone…swept from their slabs and destroyed to nothing.
i feel so helpless all the way up here in seattle but all of my thoughts and well wishes are with my friends and family affected by this desolation.

below are all of the gofundme’s that my friends and people from the wimberley community have created.
please take a minute to read their stories, and if you are able, maybe make a small contribution.

the list goes on and on.
please send your prayers and thoughts to central texas.

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