wimberley strong

wimberley strong

hey you guys, i apologize for the lack of posts this week. i had a full one full of recipes that i wanted to share but i just couldn’t bring myself to post anything on here or facebook that wasn’t related to my poor hometown of wimberley.

as you know, that is if you don’t live under a rock, central texas was hit hard memorial day weekend with storms, tornadoes and flooding. the place that i practically grew up (adolescent years…most important) was devastated. completely ripped to shreds. a lot of my high school friends and classmates lost the home that they were raised in. a lot of people lost their pets, their businesses and some even lost their lives. i am deepy saddened by this tragedy and want to do everything in my power to help my fellow wimberley folk.

but being in seattle, there is only so much i can do. so what do i have that i can take advantage of to help my hometown?
i have the most loyal and generous followers and i rarely ask for favors but i am asking you all today,
please consider donating to the little town of wimberley or san marcos. buy a shirt(s), donate $5 to each gofundme accounts (if capable) or if you live in texas, think about taking a road trip and donate your time to help rebuild a wonderful little town.

below are some ways that you can help out.

buy this shirt…

like this facebook page to keep up with all updates from the community.

Wimberley Flood 2015 – Facebook

donate to some or all of these gofundme accounts…all are legit.


if you live in texas, consider going to this on
june 20, 2015 @ 3PM
730 west stassney ln.
austin, tx 78745

flood benefit

or this

june 7, 2015
the marc
120 e. san antonio st.
san marcos, tx 78666

blue october

again, thank y’all for being so kind, loyal and understanding.
you are so very much appreciated.


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