our weekend adventures


IMG_9237 cale left early friday morning to surprise his dad in arizona for his birthday. bye honey! see you on sunday!

IMG_9255 someone was pooooooped when i picked her up from the children’s center. they made sure she played hard for her last day.

IMG_9256i let jaz sleep with me for her last night at home. i had to get my cuddles in!


IMG_9263 i hate this part…waiting for my baby to board a plane all by herself to take her to her father’s for a whole month!

IMG_9262 pre-bawling.
this was my third time dropping her off for the summer and it still hasn’t gotten any easier. cale is usually with me so i can hide my face in his shoulder when i start to cry so jaz won’t see me. but i was all by my lonesome which is probably why i cried a lot harder. i don’t know why i get so upset, i know she is going to have fun, get spoiled rotten and be safe, but i just can’t help myself. luckily, i wasn’t the only momma who was dropping off her babies so we sat together and waited for the plane to taxi out. ughh, sob fest!

IMG_9265 i needed some good ol’ carbs after all that crying and the airport is the only place in washington that has a chili’s so i stopped in and had some enchilada soup and queso! oh my goodness, yummmmm!

IMG_9266 crying and being by myself means retail therapy…right?!
unpucker that butthole honey…i didn’t buy this, but i really wanted to!

IMG_9273 so seattle has been a little warm lately…and by warm i mean almost 90°. before you laugh, know that, that is VERY hot for seattle. and need i remind you that houses in the pnw DO NOT have AC…. so shut up and don’t laugh when we complain. anyway i thought i had enough water but apparently i didn’t because i got incredibly sick while i was walking around u-village and had to cut my shopping short so i could go lay down and try not to throw up at home.
lucky for me, cale just installed our ac unit downstairs so it was nice and cool. because i couldn’t do much i opted to watch american sniper…whoa. such a great movie.


IMG_9269 meanwhile…cale is having a ball in arizona…super jealous.

IMG_9275 i drank nothing but water the night before to recuperate so i was ready to tackle an early morning barre class.

IMG_9276 i stopped by veggie grill on my way home and got the most delicious salad. if you haven’t had veggie grill yet, go! it is a completely vegan restaurant but you wouldn’t notice unless you researched more into it! “oh but you got fried chicken on your salad, that’s not vegan” ahem excuse me…that’s not chicken that tempeh and it’s delicious. oh my gosh so yummy!

and that about sums up my lonesome weekend.
these next few weekends are going to be intense so stay tuned! it’s about to get super interesting!

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happy monday!


delicious turkey wraps

and a happy hump day to you fine folk!
it’s recipe time and today i’m talking about yummy healthy turkey wraps!
with a little over 3 months until the wedding, i am trying to eat healthy-ish, and these were so easy!

let’s go!

what you’ll need:
large tortillas {i used wheat}
fresh turkey from the deli {boar’s head is the bomb}
homemade ranch {use low fat mayo}
red onions
low fat pepper jack shredded cheese

IMG_6051 look at how delicious this looks! i ate almost half the stack before i actually started making the wraps…fresh turkey is the best!

IMG_6053 alrighty, chop all those veggies up. the lettuce, tomatoes, avocado and onions.

IMG_6058 after you heat the tortillas up, either in a skillet or as hispanics call it…a comal, add a few lines of your ranch you made. you don’t have to make it but low fat ranch store bought is yucky tasting.

IMG_6054 add just a little bit of lettuce. remember that you have to roll this up so don’t use too much.

IMG_6059 add your turkey!!

IMG_6060 now this is important, you must add the following toppings in this exact order…tomatoes, avocado {extra if you know what’s good for you} onion and finally cheese. BAM!

IMG_6062 roll once, tuck in the sides and then keep rolling. don’t be afraid to roll it tight. if you heated the tort correctly, it won’t break.

IMG_6064 now cut in half and go to town! and by town i mean eat it…eat it all.


i made cale’s a little more loosely. more like a burrito, if you will. still just as yummy, just make sure to hold the bottom!

and VOILA! yummy deliciousness!

i hope you have a great week!
thanks for stopping by!

chef jess!

our weekend adventures


IMG_9100 a few inches taller, 3 less teef and no longer a first grader…what is happening and where is my baby going?

IMG_9103 i was pumped to go see this! what a great idea and such a great storyline. not gonna lie…i cried. 😥

IMG_9105 potty break after the movie means cale is the purse holder!

IMG_9109 seattle has been gorgeous lately! i love the summers here!!

IMG_9182 getting wedding ready required a fitbit…duh! did y’all know that tory burch makes high fashion covers for these??? hmmmm…. 🙂


IMG_9110 made some infused lemon water to start my day off.

IMG_9111 i’m back on that pure barre grind. i love that the restrooms here are called ‘pure pottys’!

IMG_9121 morning workout = green dream shake for breakfast. in all honesty it’s really not THAT bad…not something i would crave, but not horrible.

IMG_9159 we went to this precious baby girl’s first birthday party! happy birthday lil’ g!

IMG_9122 might be the last time we get to see this view. our friends are moving at the end of the month..bye bye lakehouse 😦 oh oh i saw three bald eagles right after i snapped this…whaaaaa! it was awesome!

IMG_9162 baby baby baby!

IMG_9178 after all the party shenanigans, we stopped by the root beer store to indulge ourselves in some delicious rootbeer floats! yummmmm

IMG_9184 cale has been needing some new sandals…that means 3 new pair of shoes for him and 3 for me…whoops…this is obviously just 4 out of the 6 pair we got.

sunday-father’s day!

IMG_9186 cale didn’t really want to do much for father’s day except relax at home. so i let him relax and the kitties and i stripped the bed and cleaned house. they freak out when i make the bed. CLEAN SHEETS MUST ATTACK ALL THE AIR BUBBLES!

IMG_9187 “helping”

IMG_9189 after the laundry and house was cleaned we went for a little walk for some slurpees at the 7-11 around the corner. why do they neverrrr have cherry?! ugh!

 jaz lost another tooth! that makes the fourth one in total but the second one THIS WEEK! uhm…the tooth fairy was not prepared and did not have as much cash as she did for the last tooth…damn inflation rate is going to make that fairy broke! $10 for a tooth these days…i got quarters when i lost my teeth! wth!

IMG_9194 i hope everyone had a great weekend and i hope all you fathers out there were pampered and recognized!
here’s a little something to make your monday a little bit better!

such an eventful weekend! what did you do for father’s day??


wedding countdown

4 months

F O U R  M O N T H S !!!
121 DAYS!
it’s getting so close! and i am so excited!

things are all coming together so perfectly and so beautifully! my coordinator is doing such an awesome job, i am so glad we hired her. she has been a lifesaver!!
a lot got done this month, let’s see what we did.

previous wedding countdowns // {10 months}   {9 months}   {8 months}
{7 months}   {6 months}   {5 months}

this month we:

  • all 6 bridesmaids ordered their dress! woohoo! they are all going to look so beautiful!
  • booked rehearsal lunch venue
  • ordered our wedding favors! y’all are going to die when you see them!
  • got mine and my girls’ robes from love ophelia. so soft and pretty!
  • ordered our cake topper from better off wed.
  • scheduled our entire honeymoon, couples massage, plenty of dinner reservations, private snorkeling and private fishing where we get to eat our catch, then on the last night we get a private cabana on the beach to share a romantic dinner with just the two of us. swooooon! i am so excited!
  • booked our night of the wedding hotel!
  • cale ordered his groomsmen gifts, they are so cool!
  • approved our invitation proof!

*new vendors in purple*


 a sneak peek of the invitation proof….eee!

IMG_9013 getting ready robes are in!

it’s giveaway time!!



another giveaway is upon y’all!
woop woop!
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Threadbare candles are hand-poured, made from high quality soy wax and non-toxic scents like lavender, Jasmine & gardenia, and oatmeal & honey”

i mean look at how cute this candle is that i got as a gift… img_8959it’s a texas mug! so awesome!

check out these other gorgeous ones they have,


i might enter my own giveaway…the gold one and pink frosted ones are calling my name! yasssss!
all the vessels are antique or thrift store finds and all amazing!

on to the giveaway!

threadbare candle co. is giving one lucky winner a candle of their choosing from the ones pictured above!
oh but that’s not all…i have a little…

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gold and pink goodie bags.

hello, hello, hello, hey, hi, how ya doing? {name that song!}
so as you saw in my last our weekend adventures, we celebrated jaz’s birthday at pump it up!
jaz and i are obsessed with gold and pink {can you guess what my wedding colors are?} so we wanted to make some really cute goodie bags incorporating these colors!

let’s start!
{just want to apologize in advance for some of the lighting in a few pictures. this project ran into the night. i wouldn’t normally shoot at night since we don’t have bright lamps in our living room, but i needed to get this done…fast} sorry!

what you’ll need:
white craft bags
circle template
6 in. template cut out
gold glitter
elmer’s glue
glue dots
hot glue
your choice in ribbon
gold and pink tissue paper
all the goodies!

IMG_6095 {first} i made these with just microsoft word but i’m sure if you have photoshop or something it might be a bit easier.

IMG_6097 i got this handy little tag punch out from hobby lobby. it has changed my scissor use for life!

IMG_6100 {second} punch out all of the thank you tags you printed.

IMG_6102 {third} use your circle template and trace out some circles that are about 1-2 cm. wider than the thank you cut outs. then cut them out.

IMG_6104 stop… did y’all know they have glue dots now?! these are the best things ever!!! seriously.
ok we continue.

IMG_6106 {fourth} once you have everything cut out use your {fantastic} glue dots and secure the thank you tag to the circle you cut out. i used about 3 glue dots.

IMG_6112 {fifth} spread some elmer’s glue around the white space on the outer edge and sprinkle with glitter. tap off the excess so it doesn’t look like a glitter bomb went off in your house.

IMG_6125 all done! at least with the glitter.

IMG_6120 {sixth} time to make the most annoying/tiniest bows ever. i’m pretty sure people make smaller but woe is me, right? tie all those suckers.

IMG_6124 bows bows bows. i hate myself apparently.

IMG_6126 these are the bags i bought, they were not the bags i wanted but it was the closest and still just as cute.

IMG_6128 {seventh} fasten all the finished cutouts to the bag with glue dots. i used four, in hindsight i should’ve used 5.

IMG_6132 {eighth} time to attach the bows. glue gun is the best way to go about this one. just be careful…those bows are tiny and that crap is hot!

IMG_6134 almost done!!!!

IMG_6285 {ninth} add all the goodies then the tissue paper you chose.

IMG_6343 and the finished products!
i had to reassure the boys that the toys in there were not girly ones haha.

goodie bags will only get cuter from here! now to plan next years!
hope you enjoyed this, we sure did!!
happy crafting!


our weekend adventures


IMG_9009 my coworkers and i started walking during our breaks…note: never invite a detention officer to go walking with you…she’ll make it an obstacle course. haha

IMG_9013 more wedding goodies came!!! i am so excited for these robes! i’ll tell y’all where i got them from in our 4 month wedding countdown post this thursday!


IMG_9014 wednesday was my baby girl’s SEVENTH birthday, but today we are celebrating it with her friends! a post on how i made these goodie bags will be coming shortly!

IMG_8966 this is what jaz woke up to on wednesday…spoiled rotten! grandma jo just can’t help herself!

IMG_9036 we reserved a room at pump it up and oh my gosh! so much fun!!!! the parents got to jump too! i may or may not have done a scorpion {ya know, when your feets touch behind your head…yeah, ouch} trying to race another mom down the obstacle course.

IMG_9034 i love this so much! she’s so happy!

IMG_9023 gonna be honest…that party pooped us parents out! so we went home and took a little cat nap…the cat however had other plans to catch the fly.

IMG_9028 later that night we got to attend a beautiful wedding at the seattle aquarium! oh my gosh so gorgeous and so much fun!!!

IMG_9032 i mean…LOOK! if this is not the definition of an awesome wedding i don’t know what is! look at the fishies, they’re watching their first dance!
congratulations carmen & tyler! cheers to a long happy marriage! love you guys!


extremely fun wedding = a very very sick jessica the next day
sorry, no pictures were taken…hehe

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