our weekend adventures


IMG_8838 i took the day off friday a long time ago for some vacation time but instead it turned into a day full of errands and appointments. first up was this munchkin’s play, a rumpus in the rainforest. so stinkin’ cute!

IMG_8841 quick stop to get my god awful nails fixed. does anyone else have a panic attack when they cut your cuticles? one little nick and it hurts for days!

IMG_8845 i decided to go old school with a classy french mani. oh and don’t mind that bling…;) hehe

IMG_8847 baby girl’s birthday is wednesday and momma may have gone a wee bit overboard. eep! i am so happy i have such a girly-girl, she didn’t want more barbies or dolls. nope, instead she wanted dresses and shoes. oops…what have i created?

IMG_8849 it’s hot in seattle, y’all! i feel like such a turd though because it’s only about 75° and i’m dying…how did i ever live in texas?!

IMG_8850 after a little cat nap and a few doc appointments i went and picked up a co-worker and headed into seattle to see…THE ONE….THE ONLY…SHANIA TWAIN!!! we stopped at a little mexican place and nommed on some fajitas before…we needed some foods in the belly.

IMG_8861 you guys, i can’t even. i can’t. she was freaking amazing! she played all of her hits and then some! britt and i were standing and singing the entire time. seattle was her first stop on her 2015 tour so everyone has plenty of time to score some tickets! ugh so good! what i loved most was how she was so personable. she hasn’t been on tour in ELEVEN years so when she forgot some of the words to her songs, she laughed and completely owned up to it. just so good you guys. go see her if you get the chance.

IMG_8871 i never knew there were that many country fans in seattle. sold out and jam packed!

IMG_8875 uhm….if i look half as good as she does at 50, i will be damn happy!


IMG_8878 i’ve been ordering so many goodies from boutiques that have reached out and i forget when i’m supposed to get a delivery so this was awesome to wake up to! so cute!

IMG_8881 i worked on crafts all day for jaz’s birthday party next saturday…why? why do i do this to myself???


IMG_8883 this is all cale’s doing. he wanted to stock up on scented candles since we moved the littler box into his office. i wasn’t going to argue with him though. i got the cutest cover-up dress for aruba!

IMG_8894 trips to target = time to play! note to self: never try hula-hooping again. i am no longer in middle school.

IMG_8901 jaz was invited to our neighbor’s kid’s beach birthday party! so much fun but again, so so hot! happy birthday jack!

IMG_8904 such an adorable, fun dad!

IMG_8939 look at that sky! definitely, twirl like you’re mary poppins, weather.

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