our weekend adventures


IMG_9009 my coworkers and i started walking during our breaks…note: never invite a detention officer to go walking with you…she’ll make it an obstacle course. haha

IMG_9013 more wedding goodies came!!! i am so excited for these robes! i’ll tell y’all where i got them from in our 4 month wedding countdown post this thursday!


IMG_9014 wednesday was my baby girl’s SEVENTH birthday, but today we are celebrating it with her friends! a post on how i made these goodie bags will be coming shortly!

IMG_8966 this is what jaz woke up to on wednesday…spoiled rotten! grandma jo just can’t help herself!

IMG_9036 we reserved a room at pump it up and oh my gosh! so much fun!!!! the parents got to jump too! i may or may not have done a scorpion {ya know, when your feets touch behind your head…yeah, ouch} trying to race another mom down the obstacle course.

IMG_9034 i love this so much! she’s so happy!

IMG_9023 gonna be honest…that party pooped us parents out! so we went home and took a little cat nap…the cat however had other plans to catch the fly.

IMG_9028 later that night we got to attend a beautiful wedding at the seattle aquarium! oh my gosh so gorgeous and so much fun!!!

IMG_9032 i mean…LOOK! if this is not the definition of an awesome wedding i don’t know what is! look at the fishies, they’re watching their first dance!
congratulations carmen & tyler! cheers to a long happy marriage! love you guys!


extremely fun wedding = a very very sick jessica the next day
sorry, no pictures were taken…hehe

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