our weekend adventures


IMG_9237 cale left early friday morning to surprise his dad in arizona for his birthday. bye honey! see you on sunday!

IMG_9255 someone was pooooooped when i picked her up from the children’s center. they made sure she played hard for her last day.

IMG_9256i let jaz sleep with me for her last night at home. i had to get my cuddles in!


IMG_9263 i hate this part…waiting for my baby to board a plane all by herself to take her to her father’s for a whole month!

IMG_9262 pre-bawling.
this was my third time dropping her off for the summer and it still hasn’t gotten any easier. cale is usually with me so i can hide my face in his shoulder when i start to cry so jaz won’t see me. but i was all by my lonesome which is probably why i cried a lot harder. i don’t know why i get so upset, i know she is going to have fun, get spoiled rotten and be safe, but i just can’t help myself. luckily, i wasn’t the only momma who was dropping off her babies so we sat together and waited for the plane to taxi out. ughh, sob fest!

IMG_9265 i needed some good ol’ carbs after all that crying and the airport is the only place in washington that has a chili’s so i stopped in and had some enchilada soup and queso! oh my goodness, yummmmm!

IMG_9266 crying and being by myself means retail therapy…right?!
unpucker that butthole honey…i didn’t buy this, but i really wanted to!

IMG_9273 so seattle has been a little warm lately…and by warm i mean almost 90°. before you laugh, know that, that is VERY hot for seattle. and need i remind you that houses in the pnw DO NOT have AC…. so shut up and don’t laugh when we complain. anyway i thought i had enough water but apparently i didn’t because i got incredibly sick while i was walking around u-village and had to cut my shopping short so i could go lay down and try not to throw up at home.
lucky for me, cale just installed our ac unit downstairs so it was nice and cool. because i couldn’t do much i opted to watch american sniper…whoa. such a great movie.


IMG_9269 meanwhile…cale is having a ball in arizona…super jealous.

IMG_9275 i drank nothing but water the night before to recuperate so i was ready to tackle an early morning barre class.

IMG_9276 i stopped by veggie grill on my way home and got the most delicious salad. if you haven’t had veggie grill yet, go! it is a completely vegan restaurant but you wouldn’t notice unless you researched more into it! “oh but you got fried chicken on your salad, that’s not vegan” ahem excuse me…that’s not chicken that tempeh and it’s delicious. oh my gosh so yummy!

and that about sums up my lonesome weekend.
these next few weekends are going to be intense so stay tuned! it’s about to get super interesting!

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happy monday!


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